Numerology Week of June 30 – July 6, 2019

 Week of June 30 – July 6, 2019 – Sacred Numbers Pulse

As we move from June to July, the energies shift in a powerful way.  July is the 7th month which gives us wonderful support for us to delve more deeply within. 

The energies this first week of July are quite strong because our focus this month shifts from the “outgoing” energies of June, to the inner energies of July.  Almost every day this week will bless us with intense energies as follows:

Sunday, June 30 is a double “3” day so we may find ourselves more sensitive than usual to the energies around us and also very creative and wanting an outlet for the creative expression we may feel.  Allow yourself to go with that pulse.  It is showing each one of us something significant about ourselves.

Monday, July 1 is a powerful and intense master number day of 11.  Whatever experience we each need to advance us on our journey will show up today.  Do your best to fully engage with whatever shows up with the understanding that this is a stepping stone to greater empowerment.

Tuesday, July 2 is another double “3” day so what was going on for each of us on Sunday, will be cycling back for us to understand and work more deeply with.

Wednesday, July 3 is a wonderful opportunity for grounding and integration.

Thursday, July 4 is gifting us with a powerful, unique, and individual view for each one of us – showing us our theme for this month.  As you know, our journeys are all unique and this month will take each of us more deeply into our unique journey.  Today may show up with intensity so that it will get our attention.  It could be anything from the most blissful and opportunistic experience all the way to something quite unsettling.  The point is that it will draw our attention within and show us what we are now ready to understand about ourselves more deeply.

Friday, July 5 is a day to bask in the energy of Divine Mother’s Love.

Saturday, July 6 we have very similar energies as we did on July 4, so we need to do our best to really engage with these energies and journal or ask ourselves deep questions as a way to work with these energies.