March 22, 2020

Dear Ones, There is no doubt we are in challenging times.  As you know, it is so important to do our best to maintain a high vibration in order to move through these challenges with our hearts open in love instead of moving through these times in fear.  For me, the quickest way to move from fear to love is through gratitude.  Over the years I have kept a running list of things My Higher Self/Source/Divine Mother/All That IS have blessed me with and surprised me with – absolutely beautiful experiences that I could never have even asked for, yet this Higher Aspect of me is constantly gifting me with.  When I get caught up in the “fear” that seems to be prevalent all around us, I pull out my list and read it.  Almost immediately I calm down and feel myself shift into alignment once again with Love.  I do my best to stay in Love/Appreciation as much as possible.  We all can quickly get pulled off center by all that is going on so we need to be even more vigilant about staying “connected with Love.” Yes, we need to remain informed about what is going on, but when we listen to the news or read it, remember to do so from a perspective of seeing all that is going on as a healing for all of humanity and our earth and do our best to stay in the place of trust in Love.