The New Numerology Energies of 2023

Here are the new Energies and Gifts that are now flowing to us in 2023.  To put this into perspective, last year, 2022, was a 6 year and also a deeply awakening year for all who were willing to be awakened to a greater level.  6 is about social issues; family issues; health and healing issues and the breakdown of these that are no longer working; worldly issues that impact all of humanity; and school and community issues and as we reflect on 2022, that is exactly what occurred.

This year, 2023, is a 7 year.  The 7 energies have to do with: alchemy; spirituality; mastery; dream work; energy work; research and study; teaching; building self-esteem; the psychic and psychology; writing; publishing important books; creating healing tools; creating Light Tools for humanity; working more deeply with Earth Mother Gaia and becoming an extension of Her; understanding and living within the great wisdom of the mysteries of life; analytical gifts; finding and speaking our Voice and Truth; no more hiding our Light; sacred geometry; crystal work; going deeply within and revealing to ourselves the answers that we have been searching for; manipulating time for ourselves using our heart, not our mind; healing healing healing; Oneness; Union; miracles; working with the stars in a more empowered way; more “conscious” contact with the Light Ships; anything and everything that brings us into a greater empowerment relative to who we each are as we each evolve in greater and greater levels; listening to our deepest heart’s desires and having the courage to “go for these heart’s desires” with all our trust in Self and in All That IS; and anything that evolves us and humanity into a higher vibration will be given a “green Light” to prosper and succeed.  Happy New Year to you all!