Rutilated Quartz – A Powerful Crystal to use during these challenging times

Rutilated QuartzThe greatness of this stone is not only its own inherent gifts, but it also amplifies and magnifies any crystal that is within it or near it.  Here are some of the healing properties of Rutilated quartz:

  • It gives us new hope and amplifies our spiritual gifts.
  • It has a mood-lifting and anti-depressive effect.  It dissolves hidden unacknowledged fear, and releases that which keeps us limited.
  • Rutilated quartz helps us develop our visions and is an excellent stone to have on your body when beginning a new project. It assists us to develop and evolve all areas of our life.
  • Rutilated quartz assists us to keep our heart open and to live in strength and love.  It stabilizes all our relationships.
  • It assists us in getting to the root of a core issue and clears our energy field.
  • It connects us with the Angelic Realm and enhances out of body journeying.
  • It treats bronchitis.  It strengthens the walls of the blood vessels.  It stimulates the regenerative power of all cells.
  • Rutilated quartz enhances our intuition and assists us to fully integrate the higher vibrations that are flowing into us during these times.
  • It is an energizing stone that helps get energy moving on all levels.  It can help slowed chakras return to normal spin and balance.
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties, especially in the case of colds, bronchitis, pneumonia and kidney infections.
  • It fortifies the heart and supports our body’s ability to regenerate.  It has an enlivening and freeing effect and eases symptoms of claustrophobia, fear, and oppression.
  • It is a transformative crystal.