Teaching the Art of Numerology

Numerology is a powerful and profound tool of self-discovery and empowerment.  Sacred Geometry (Numbers) and the Energy of Numbers act as a portal through which inspiration, insight, transformation, and aligning with Self is birthed.  Numerology is a powerful tool to use for self-discovery and/or to use to assist another on their pathway.  Numerology cannot tell the future and is never intended to tell anyone what to do.  We each are the power and the authority in our own lives.  As a tool, numerology assists us in knowing our self in a deeper way and assists us in understanding and aligning with our gifts in a way to evolve and expand them.  Marie is honored to teach this sacred art to you with live one-on-one phone meetings.  She has a very open teaching style and her knowledge and expertise in Numerology goes back 30 years.  Here are two recent “testimonials” from her clients of Numerology Readings.

This one is from M.R.:

“Hi Marie, I’m in awe of your reading. Not only did it resonate so deeply, but the way in which you delivered it was so eloquent and poetic and in harmony with love & wisdom as a whole. I can say with certainty that you’re not the typical numerologist and that’s a great thing!….. thank you so much. What a beautiful reading. I will happily recommend your service to many others.  So again, thank you.”

And from A.R.: “Marie has done a personal numerology reading for me and the information she shared was so loving, heart opening and profound that something shifted within me – literally; I could feel it happening during the reading.  I highly recommend working with her because her readings will literally open a deeper understanding of yourself and your purpose.”

Studying the Art of Numerology with Marie includes:

  • A Personal Numerology Reading: $110
  • An eBook written by Marie as an introduction and guide to doing Numerology Charts
  • Live phone appointments for as long as you need to learn this profound alchemical tool: $35 per hour
  • Numerology Reading Certification from Quiet Mountains LLC

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