One-on-one Empowerment/Healing Coaching

I have been doing my own inner spiritual/healing inner practices for over 40 years and therefore I hold great compassion and understanding regarding the uniqueness of our inner journey to self-discovery. If you choose to work one on one with me, these are the ways in which we will work together. Please note that I will only use methods that you are comfortable with and with which you resonate. I honor and respect you fully.

  • Teaching you the numerous tools of empowerment that I have personally used and that have proven successful with the clients I work with and with myself.
  • Using some or all of the following practices: Numerology; Feng Shui; crystals; dream work; energy healing; working with your Angels or Guides; understanding and working within your own energy field for releasing and aligning with your Inner Being; journaling; understanding the power of your thoughts and feelings; using creativity for empowerment.
  • Assisting you to journal as a way of self-understanding, self-acceptance and as a way to express yourself.
    Teaching you various ways to energetically clear and release that which no longer serves you and how to align with your Inner Being.

Exchange Fee: $30 for 1/2 hour meetings once a month or $45 for 45 minutes once a month.

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