Our Crystal Gifts – Epidote

Epidote: Epidote is a powerful and magnificent crystal to work with.  It is a stone of transformation and regeneration – again, and again, and again.  By holding the intention of allowance and openness as we work with this stone, the more the regenerative and expanding nature of this beautiful green crystal is able to assist us on our unlimited journey of expansion.  It especially assists us in re-defining our self-image while assisting us to release any old limited identity in order for us to embrace a more original and accurate self-image based on our True Identity.  This stone works with us step by step without overwhelming us.  We will “see” where and how we have adopted an image based on cultural or egoistic pressures and once we “see” that limited self-image, this stone assists us to release and embrace a new self-image that is closer to our true image as “daughter or son of the Most High.”  The more we work with this stone, the more we go through a metamorphosis again and again, with each new identity bringing us closer into Oneness with our True Self.  It is one of the best stones to work with when we are doing deep inner work because it allows us to “see” what is in our way without inner judgment and also shows us the “faulty belief system” that we embraced that holds these blocks to our success in place.  In this way we can easily release and clear them.

This crystal shows us our emotional state/beliefs that close the doors of receivership from the Ever Abundant and Unlimited Nurturing Universe so that we may clear and release/transform those limited emotional beliefs into Brilliant Golden/Platinum Crystalline Light.  This stone regenerates our spiritual, mental, and emotional energy bodies as well as our physical body into total health.  It is especially effective when we have been in a stressful, overworked, and emotionally taxing situation.   It releases dissonant energy while raising our vibration.

Epidote stimulates our immune system and strengthens our physical condition.  It is especially effective in clearing congestion and energy blockages.  It also activates, amplifies and increases the effectiveness of other crystals that you are also working with or have positioned next to epidote.

I have listed below the significant minerals in Epidote that enhance this powerful crystal with amazing gifts.  In addition, I have listed the formation type of this crystal and its class because these also play a part in the healing gifts of Epidote.

Iron  24%: Iron promotes the absorption of iron into red blood cells.  This ensures transportation of oxygen to all parts of the body giving good energy and physical vitality.  It helps in cases of weakness, tiredness and exhaustion.  It stimulates the functions of the liver, spleen, intestine and bone marrow.  It fortifies the immune system.  It activates initiative, dynamism, endurance, willpower, the ability to assert ourselves and the ability to be enthusiastic about something.  Iron promotes the warrior side of us.  It also promotes inner calm.  It transforms the density of false beliefs, which have caused us pain and suffering, into Brilliant Golden Light. It deepens our experiences in meditation. 

Calcium 15%: Stimulates cell absorption of nutrients by the cell membranes.  Calcium is necessary for the formation of DNA and RNA.  Calcium supports growth, firmness and flexibility of bones, teeth and tissue.  It is important for the regulation of the acid/alkali balance and encourages the elimination of fluid.  It supports blood clotting and is important in transmitting messages from the nerves to organs or muscles.  It regulates the heart rhythm and strengthens the heart.  It is emotionally stabilizing and increases self-confidence and helps eliminate fear.  It gives inner drive in cases of lethargy and clears up confusion. 

Silicon 16%: Silicon fortifies the skin, hair and nails and toughens up the connective tissues and bones.  It is programmable.  It fortifies the immune system activating the lymph nodes, the spleen, and the lungs.  Silicon has a stimulating effect on cell metabolism and cell division; it promotes the healing of wounds or injuries; it prevents scar formation and slows down aging.  It improves the elasticity of the blood vessels and has an anti-inflammatory effect.  (I am experimenting with the ability of Silicon to soften and make scars flexible once again, but have not confirmed this yet.) 

Oxygen 40%:  Oxygen is the element that gives our body Life.  When we work with crystals rich in oxygen, energy-rich unstable compounds (fear, worry, and  self-doubt etc.) are converted into stable (harmony) compounds through the power of oxygen.  Wherever we need to invest energy constantly (worry, fear and stress), oxygen (through our direction) will become active to transform this unstable state into a stable one.  The energy bound up in fear, worry, and stress becomes unlocked by oxygen and available for use by our body.  Oxygen advances all unfinished things in our lives that would otherwise be constantly draining away energy. 

Igneous Formation:  Igneous stones were formed through the crystallization of liquid magma.  These stones assist us in new beginnings and encourage the learning processes and the development of spiritual values.  These stones assist us when we are confronted with many new ideas or when we are faced with a host of learning experiences.  They encourage learning and development; they ignite new beginnings; they assist in developing our potential; and since they were created in the deep inner fire of the earth, they awaken the inner/fire or empowered choices of those who use this stone.

Sorosilicate Class: Sorosilicates encourage the healing process after an illness and help us find our way back to our original wishes, goals, and intentions that inspire us.  These stones are excellent when embarking on a new beginning.  They stimulate the energy flow inside us and increase the speed of the healing process.  The molecules of this crystal are bound together in pairs of two to four connected tetrahedrons.