Our Crystal Gifts – Clear Quartz – Aug. 1, 2019

Here are some key points to keep in mind when working/playing with Crystals and also some good information about working with Clear Quartz Crystals.

  • When crystals are compressed or squeezed or struck (as in crystal bowls), energy, light, and vibration is produced and radiates outward to the body, room, and or environment.
  • All crystals are influenced by temperature – when the crystal is heated by the sun or by the human body or heated in any way, the crystal is in an emitting state – it radiates OUT its healing properties.  The best way to warm them, is in direct sunlight (be careful, they can become quite hot from the sun).  Also if that is not convenient soaking them in hot water is also an excellent and quick way of getting them in the emitting mode.  (When the water cools, your plants and shrubs will enjoy this crystal water but do not drink it.)  If I, or a client, is having deep issues, I will lay the crystals out on my bed or massage table (after I have programmed them) and make a clear spot for me so that the crystals are all around me or client, and then meditate or nap as I am wrapped in the powerful healing energy of these blessed gifts.    When crystals are at room temperature or in a cool state, all crystals absorb constantly from the environment around it.  So a crystal may go from receiving energy (from the environment, and your energy field) to emitting energy (from within its profound inner Light/gifts) depending on the temperature.  Also crystals will NEVER emit any separate energy that it may have absorbed.  Any separate energy remains “locked” within the crystal in an inert state until the crystal is cleared.  Crystals will never emit anything but the purest of Light in Oneness.
  • All crystals are programmable – not only quartz, but all crystals are programmable.  If they are not programmed specifically by you they will emit their natural gifts.
  • When programming a crystal, stay within the very wide range of their natural properties.  For example, some crystals specialize in manifestation; some work with bones and joints; some work with the heart chakra and blood; some work with astral travel and magnifying our telepathic gifts; some are amplifiers of energy, etc. etc.  So choose a crystal that has the specialty that you are looking for in order to heal or enhance your life and then you may program it specifically. 
  • Quartz crystals (SixOx) are extremely programmable due to the high percentage of Silicon within them (our electronics all have Silicon (Si) chips that have been programmed).  All quartz are amplifiers of energy and all quartz have the ability to transform energy so all quartz are very powerful healing tools.  They balance and clear energy from the body and energy fields and they assist in imprinting a higher vibration within. A quartz crystal under our direction will clear the area it is directed to and then activate the energy centers in the body to stimulate healing by restoring the body back to its pure state of health.  All quartz will stimulate the immune system and assist to bring the body back into balance.  All quartz crystals absorb, amplify, store, regulate, unblock, transform, and clear energy.  Crystals other than quartz may also exhibit these gifts, but ALL Quartz crystals exhibit the above qualities.  I have put “Q” as the first tab in this book so that you have access to all the Quartz information first.  After the Quartz, I have put all the other crystals in alphabetically order.
  • I have found over the years that the very best way to clear crystals is through your direction and/or putting them outside in the sun and/or moon light.   After using them, my typical way of clearing them is to put them outside, if weather permits, or on a window sill and I Thank them for their profound gifts they have just blessed me with, then I direct them to hand off to Archangel Michael any and all separate entities or separate energies they have absorbed and ask AA Michael to either transmute the separate energy into Light or return to Source all the separate energy.  (He knows what to do with this energy.)  Then I direct the crystals to restore themselves back to their full enlightened state.  If we are in a powerful full moon/new moon/eclipse/solstice/equinox timing, then I also put them out during these times to receive ALL the powerful energies of those gateways/portals.
  • When choosing a crystal to work with, remain open and listen to the ones that “call” to you.  ALL crystals are profound gifts of Light.  They all are a gift from our Creator to assist us during this powerful time of transition and transformation and ascension.  They can “read” us as we approach and the ones that we are attracted to, even if we know nothing about their gifts, those are the ones that will assist us immediately to move forward on our pathway and evolution.
  • Crystal Water: I will often set a glass of water on the flat surface of a 6 sided pencil wand or beside a large crystal for 6 – 8 hours.  I program the crystal to transfer its healing properties into the water and I thank the water and ask it to embrace the crystal gifts and then drink the water.  I never put any crystals directly in my drinking water because I do not know how the crystal was mined or polished.   I realize there are many who actually place their crystals directly in their drinking water, but that is not my practice.  It is just as effective to place the glass on the crystal or beside it and to program the crystal to transfer its healing properties into the water.
  • As we evolve and shift into higher and higher levels of Vibration/Love/Light, we will notice that we have greater access to an even higher level of gifts within our beloved crystal beings also.  The more we expand, the more everything in our life expands, so know that these descriptions that I post here are not finite or static but evolving as we each evolve.  We now live beyond 3D/4D consciousness and as we know, nothing in the higher dimensions is static – these descriptions I have listed in the following pages ARE NOT SET IN STONE.  Everything now is constantly and continually evolving, so use these pages as a starting point of working with these amazing Beings of Light.  Make your own notes because as you work with them, they will impart very personal information to you.   Allow these descriptions to stretch and evolve for you individually as you work with these Crystal Beings.  Don’t allow limitations in language to restrict your understandings of how these vast Beings may assist us.  My wish is for you to engage with them, honor them, enJOY them, evolve with them, and appreciate them.

Here are some key points of Clear Quartz Crystals:

Clear Quartz: The word Quartz comes from the German word “Quarz” which means “uncertain origin.”  All crystals have been gifted to us from our Creator/Source and they each hold Divine Light and profound gifts of healing to assist us in realizing absolute health and our Oneness with Source.  Each crystal is unique in its gifts.

The major properties of clear quartz crystals are:

  • Programmable by conscious thought and loving direction.
  • Stimulates healing and stimulates our immune system.
  • Restores harmony and balance in our body by purifying the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies.
  • Clears and activates and aligns all our energy centers, chakras, and attunes our body to the heart chakra, 6th chakra, and crown chakra.
  • Amplifies thoughts and energy and assists us to perceive with clarity.
  • Absorbs, stores, holds, releases, amplifies and regulates energy.
  • Deep soul cleanser – dissolves karmic seeds (residue of past-life trauma, attitudes, or illnesses in physical body).
  • It can be used to transform thoughts into sound, producing the vibration associated with the thought and affecting the environment with the discharged energy.  (I always use quartz when I am clearing an old pattern or imprinting a new truth as I speak the words aloud.)
  • Strengthens our conviction and encourages development that is appropriate to our own inner nature.
  • Assists us in clearing the blocks (false limited beliefs) that we had believed.
  • Revitalizes parts of the body that have lost feeling.  It balances the working of both halves of the brain, fortifies the nerves and stimulates glandular activity.
  • All quartz emit, radiate, amplify, focus, and transform energy from the tips and all edges. Quartz energizes both body energy and thoughts.  They can assist in the creation of empowerment and provide for clarity in thinking.  They provide for purification of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  Quartz spheres emit from the entire sphere, but in a softer and more gradual way then quartz with edges, faces, etc.  Spheres are excellent when working with children or pets.