September is gifting us with profound and accelerated Light and this Brilliant Light is shifting each of us into a more expanded and higher vibration.  It is nonstop, as was August and this nonstop intensity and expansion will continue for the remainder of this year.  Along with the blissful states that we are experiencing, we are also opening more and more space within that perhaps have not been exposed to the brilliant Light for quite a while.  As such, it may seem that you are experiencing some “old” issues that you have already cleared.  It is helpful to remember that the more we expand, often we also open up “new rooms in our inner mansion” that we have not entered into for a long time and each time we open up places within us that have not been available to us, our Brilliant Light will clear out any dissonant energy that was held within.  Just remember that it is leaving you and just let it all go in appreciation of the wisdom it has given you.  This week is another very powerful and intense week.  Here are the days that really stand out.

Sun.  Sept. 8 – Today we are receiving amplified and magnified amounts of Divine Mother’s Unconditional Love.  Tap into this as much as possible today.  Allow yourself time to get out in nature and just receive, receive, receive as much as you are able.  Also it is an excellent day to give your earth self some powerful unconditional love.  This part of you does SO MUCH.  She/He agreed to come here and forget who she/he is in order to learn profound wisdom that could only be realized by taking this courageous journey of forgetting.  Now that we all are dissolving our inner veils and remembering who we really are, it is so important to thank, appreciate, cherish, acknowledge, and love that courageous part of us who set forth into what appeared to be darkness.   Do your best to open to all the unconditional love being offered to us today.

Mon. Sept. 9 – Today it is vital that we do our best to remain in our center regardless of external or internal experiences.  Remember not to take anything personal today as our sensitivity is heightened with the numerology pulse of today’s energy.   Today’s energy could be quite challenging, so if we know that ahead of time, it helps us to remain connected within.  The purpose of such an intensely sensitive day is to assist us to “see” something or “feel” something that we need to understand about ourselves or our truth.  The energy today is attempting to show us a truth we need to understand about ourselves that will assist us as we move forward on our pathway.

Tues. Sept. 10 – Today is a Master Number day and will require us to move through it in our mastery – in our empowerment – in our empowered choice to call forth revelations about the experiences that show up for us today.  There are great gifts for each of us today, but it will take some inner mastery to uncover these hidden gems.

Wed. Sept. 11 – Today is a powerful day of integration, AND also a day for profound insights, visions, and revelations to be shown to us.   Make a note of the insights because they are important messages to each of us regarding our journey and also opportunities to realize some blessings that are ready to manifest. 

Thurs. Sept. 12 – Today’s energy is similar to Monday’s energy.  Numerology energies work with us in a cyclical manner.  So today’s energy is coming in and picking up where we left off with it on Monday.  In a way today’s experience is an extension of what was going on for us on Monday to bring us into greater and more expanded understandings and vibrations regarding all that occurred for us on Monday.

Fri. Sept. 13 – Today’s energies support us in going within to ask ourselves deep questions; to journal; to engage in creative expression; to write; to spend time in nature; to meditate and do whatever practices you resonate with that increase self-discovery. 

Sat. Sept. 14 – Today we are blessed with the powerful full moon of September and the powerful 8 energy of union and oneness.  The energies may feel quite intense so do your best to breathe them all in, integrate with them, embrace them, and engage with them in order to reveal to yourself their powerful gifts.