Numerology – Sept. 1 – Sept. 7, 2019

We have moved through the powerful and intense month of August and we now stand on the threshold of the transfiguring month of September.  August was intense so embrace and honor yourselves for all you have moved through in August – Whew!!!  September will be non-stop in its brilliant focus to shift our identity – not just once, but again and again and again.  Let us become comfortable with our ever-changing shifting and evolving nature.  Here are the days this week that stand out – energy wise.

Sun. Sept. 1 – We begin this month today with the great blessings of the spiritual energy of 13.  This is the signature ray of Christed Consciousness and today, if we choose and align with this, we fully activate this powerful ray/Light from within our Sacred Heart.  Visualize, meditate, be in nature, sit in the sun, and listen to your inner guidance to activate this Brilliant Light.  The more we remain in our Sacred and Open Heart, the more we can access and align with this Light.  To be offered this Brilliant Gift at the beginning of this amazing month, is indeed an awesome gift.  The first day of each month sets the tone for the entire month.  The gift of beginning this month of new identity and new beginnings with the Christed 13th Ray shows us that we are all indeed ready to hold this frequency/vibration continually.  This is proof of the profound and remarkable inner work we have all been doing in order to be ready for such a gift. 

Mon. Sept. 2 – Today’s energies are gifting us with continual opportunities to integrate all that occurred yesterday and the month of Aug.   Journaling, singing, dancing, being in nature, walking, meditating, becoming lost in creativity, dialoguing within, and honoring your body and self are all ways to assist in integrating all the new that we are calling forth.

Tues. Sept. 3 – Today could be challenging, however, if we remember that the goal of September is to release all the old and to embrace all our new that is bubbling up to be recognized and embraced, that may assist in moving through any challenges today.  Especially today, do not take anything personal – any stress or ultra-sensitivity is the old leaving.  Let us do our best to appreciate it for what it has taught us and then release it.

Wed. Sept. 4 – Today’s energies are calling us within – deeply within – deep deep within.  If possible, just go with these powerful inward calling energies and open to your inner vastness and inner treasures. 

Fri. and Sat,. Sept. 6 and 7 are both very intense energy days.  Both these days are working together in tandem to assist us to let go of any old identity so we may step into our new identity.  The energies may feel so strong and even overwhelming, but understand they are bringing up some very old identities that up until now have been hard for us to release.  We may feel like we are not ready to let go, but it would not have come up if we were not ready.  We need to hold onto our deepest trust in ourselves, in Source, and in our journey and let go of whatever no longer serves us.  AND we are now ready to embrace all the new that can freely emerge from all that freed up space within.  Be patient and kind with yourself as you move through these two days.  You may need to take things in steps, acknowledging “this is the best I can do for now” and moving through the day in that way, without judgment and just step by step.  We don’t need to do it all in a second, we can take it in the way that we can handle – loving ourselves – honoring ourselves – having compassion for ourselves in this profound journey.