Numerology – Week of July 7 – July 13, 2019

We are still in the midst of the powerful energies that opened up on June 30 and these will continue for some time.  Here is the energy pulse for this week.

Sun. July 7 gives us the inward focusing energy very much like the energies for the entire month of July.  So today, we are getting a double dose of this inward energy inviting us to inner work.  These inward focusing energies assist us to open all our inner doorways and discover more of our inner treasures.  Some excellent ways to do this are: journaling; using our creativity in any way that we resonate with; writing; meditation; going off for an afternoon or a few hours alone to a place that connects us inside; slowing down; listening within; following our heart and where it calls us today, and connecting with nature are all activities to open us up to ourselves.

Mon. July 8’s energies dovetail nicely with Sunday’s energies because today’s energies are all about the new.  Whatever new feelings, ideas, remembrances, and discoveries that have been revealed are now up for review today.  Also there could be a sense of letting go so that we may embrace the new.  Was something revealed to us that we may want to investigate in a deeper way?  Did we get a new image of ourselves or a new way to understand an aspect of who we are that we may now see from a new perspective?  Or perhaps we realize a new identity of who we are or what our gifts are or how to relate to a part of ourselves that we haven’t been able to engage with before and is now feeling more available to us.  What is new in our being that is ready for exploring, integrating, and embracing in a deeper way?  Today’s energies are about noticing and embracing our newness.

Tues. July 9’s energies are supporting us in taking a stand – speaking our truth – expressing that which is within us that needs to be expressed – making empowered choices that we are now ready to put into action – stepping into our empowerment. 

Wed. July 10 we are immersed in Divine Mother’s unconditional love all day long and all night long and in every now moment.  Watch for it – look for it – embrace it – drink it up – expand it – revel in it – honor it. Of course, we are always immersed in Divine Mother’s unconditional love, however today’s energy will bring about experiences where we more easily notice and experience it.

Thurs. July 11 is a master number day and also a day filled with sensitivity and opportunities for self-expression.  Remain vigilant and in Center as we engage with today’s experiences.  We are all birthing our new selves and today’s opportunities show up to take us more deeply into our mastery.

Fri and Sat. – July 12 & 13  are about integrating all that has occurred in the past two weeks.