Numerology – Week of July 28 – Aug. 3, 2019

Week of July 28 – Aug. 3, 2019

The energies shift as we move from July to August this week.  The energies of July (7th month) focus us and call us to go within for self-discovery.  We will notice a shift as we move into the powerful month of August, our 8th month with its beautiful energies of harmony, balance, and oneness – truly magnificent energies.  The energies at the very beginning of each month and the energies at the very end of each month can be felt in a tangible way as the energies shift.  They are meant to get out attention – they are alerting us to the change in focus.

Sun. July 28 we are given every opportunity to remember to love ourselves unconditionally.  This could show up with experiences where we might judge ourselves so that we will remember, oh yes, no judgment ever.  Whatever we are ready to let go of, may show up so that we can consciously and powerfully release and clear that out dated program/belief.  Our higher self does have a sense of humor and sometimes when you declare something, our inner being will bring us an opportunity to really embrace that declaration even more deeply.  So today we watch for ways to really love ourselves even more deeply than before.  And of course, as we all know, just that alone can make it so easy to love others unconditionally as well.

Mon. July 29 is a day for us to be aware of our inspiration – our dreams – our visions – ideas we may not have had before.  Write them down if possible.  Visualize them if possible.  Plant them in your fertile imagination. 

Tues. July 30 is a very powerful day for manifesting.  If any of us have been on the fence about something, today is the day to make empowered choices and get off the fence.  Trust in yourself –  Trust in your Inner Being – Trust in your non-physical helpers – Trust in Life – Trust in the Universe and go for it today.

Wed. July 31.  Today’s energies are about shifting our perspective as we are getting ready to enter the energies of August.  The energies may feel all over the map today.  Just allow them to be.  They are getting us ready to move into August – into more harmony – into more balance – into Infinity – into freedom from separation – into oneness.

Thurs. Aug. 1.  We begin this month with the energies of inspiration – vision – pioneering spirit – openness – freedom – creativity – and sensitivity.  It’s a day to allow our inner child to play – dance – sing – move – create – dream and be the joyful being we all are when we allow our open heart to lead the way.  I have found that the energies on the first day of each month, really set the tone for the entire month.  How marvelous that we enter August with the energies of our playful inner child – full of wonder, lightness, playfulness, openness, vision, empowerment and love.  Welcome August!!!

Fri. Aug.2 and Sat. Aug. 3 are calling each of us to write down our visions and inspirations and dreams.   The numerology energy on both of these days support us in putting detail, form, and substance to our dreams.  We are getting ready for the magical year of 2020 and we will be preparing for the amazing 2020 year for the remainder of this year.  Perhaps not every day, but the theme for the second half of 2019 is really assisting us to clear anything that is holding us back from truly stepping into our new reality – our new life – our heaven on earth life.  So Fri and Sat this week are assisting us to move in that direction.