Numerology – Week of July 21 – July 27, 2019

Week of July 21 – July 27, 2019

We have all shifted and aligned and uncovered more of Self this month.  The energies all month have been beyond powerful.  This week the energies support us in integrating all the new into every part of our being.  As we all know, integration is a vital part of our process and the energies being offered to us all summer so far have been of high vibration and acceleration.  The energies this week assist us in fully embodying and integrating these energies so we will be ready for the powerful month of August and the rest of this year.  All days this week are significant, especially Wed. and Thursday, July 24 and July 25.  Those two days may feel quite intense because they both are double 7 days. These energies may feel similar to last week on July 15 & 16 and your experiences may “pick-up” from what you were working on last week.  Go within as much as possible all week long to integrate and fully embrace all that has occurred within your energy field this month and this summer.  Write, create, walk in nature, sit in nature, journal, work with crystals, and if possible, do whatever connects you within.  Remain open and listen to your inner guidance.   Do deep breath work if you resonate with that powerful practice.  Keep your own council.  So much has occurred for each of us this month and it is important that we are aware of all our newness – that we  acknowledge the changes that we have been blessed with and breathe them into all aspects of our being. Thank you!