Numerology – Week of July 14 – 20, 2019

Week of July 14 – July 20, 2019  The Numerology Pulse for this week is very powerful as the partial lunar eclipse and the full moon energies add to the already powerful energies of July that draw us deeply within for our greatest self-discovery.  Every day this week offers us gifts, however I have highlighted the days with the most intense energies.

Mon. July 15 is powerful beyond words.  Not only are we in the gateway of the powerful July full moon and the Partial Lunar Eclipse, but today is also a double 7 day.  A double 7 day magnifies the focus of going within 100%.  This accelerated energy invites us to do our best to completely focus and do some very deep inner work.  It will pay off beyond your greatest imagining.  Know that whatever experiences show up today are revealing powerful insights for you. 

Tues. July 16 the energies of the full moon and partial lunar eclipse are still very much present AND we are blessed with another double 7 day.  So today is equally as powerful as yesterday.  This is a rare opportunity to have these energies of full moon, partial eclipse, and double 7 days in the 7th month all line up in this powerful powerful gateway.  We are all encouraged to make the most of this amazing opening.

Wed. July 17.  Today’s energies are supportive of recognizing and embracing our “new identity.”  As you know, we are constantly evolving and today is a powerful energy day to really recognize how we have changed – what is no longer true for us – how we now perceive and embrace our new identity.  It is helpful to consciously let go of anything that no longer serves us and to consciously embrace our newness.  Most everything I say, you already know so let this be a reminder for you.

Thurs. July 18 the sacred number energy shifts for us in that today’s energies support us in stepping into our newness.  Allowing our new selves to feel familiar and paying attention to any of the old that wants to reestablish itself into our energy.  So today’s energies are supporting us in saying “yes” to the new and “no thank you” to the old.  We may notice both – that which we are releasing and that which we are embracing today.

Fri. July 19.  Today’s energies are about truly loving ourselves unconditionally.  Truly, truly loving ourselves unconditionally.  Write a letter of appreciation to yourself.  Sing a love song to yourself. Take yourself to a place in nature that brings you joy.  Do all you can today to support the earth aspect of you who has taken on this courageous journey.

Sat. July 20.  Today’s energies are inviting us to create; to express; to play; to speak; to skip; to sing; to bake; to have friends over for dinner or go out with friends for dinner; to connect; and to hold the joy of childlike innocence.  It’s a day to revel in joy!!!