Numerology – Week of Aug. 4 – Aug. 10, 2019

This is a very powerful week with the Lion’s gateway on Aug. 8 and already these incredible energies are fully present and permeating our Being.  It is important to anchor and ground these powerful energies in the ways that we resonate with.

Sun. Aug. 4 has the energies of service, unconditional love, family, humanity, and Divine Mother.  Truly exquisite energies of support and love and also playfulness are with us today.  The flavor this month, regardless of how intense the energies may feel, is to call forth the energies of playfulness and Lightness.  Calling forth the energies of rainbows, dancing in the summer rain, joy, playfulness, and beauty will assist us in integrating these powerful and intense energies. 

Mon. Aug. 5 is an inward focusing day.  Use your playful nature also as you delve deeply within.  See it as a magical inward journey and not something that you “have” to do in order to clear and release or understand self more deeply.  Every time I sit for the channeling of these numerology messages for this month, always the messages for August are wrapped in rainbows and the play of light and the joy of life.  Nothing feels serious at all as I receive these powerful messages.

Tues. Aug. 6  Today, we may be faced with many many opposite polarities to work with in order to unify them into oneness.  Find the missing truth within each pair of opposites and with the power of truth, find the balance point, find the point of oneness.  Thank them for assisting you to realize more wisdom and to expand your consciousness.  Each one of us will be faced with the perfect pair of opposites that we are now ready to unify.  Hold onto your sense of humor also as you reach for unity.

Wed. Aug. 7 Today the energies support us in completely releasing and clearing our past.  Not our ancient past, which we have already cleared, but our past from last week; our past from yesterday; any identity where we still hold limitation is now ready to be cleared by the powerful energies of the Lion’s Gateway and ALL the momentum and acceleration that is building this August to prepare us for 2020.

Thurs. Aug. 8  Today holds the full intensity of the Lion’s Gateway and these energies are pushing every one of us who are ready to really let go and align with all the new identities that we are ready to embrace and realize.  The energies on this powerful day are that of new beginnings; leadership; moving forward in a huge way; speaking our truth; and allowing our greatness to merge into every cell, electron, atom, and molecule, so that we may fully embody our greatness. 

Fri. Aug. 9  Today we are blessed with the energies of Divine Unconditional Love.  Every time you can remember to, breathe in all the unconditional love your body can hold and allow it to overflow to everyone and everything you encounter today.  In this way we are the blessings that we radiate to all of life.

Sat. Aug. 10  Today we are blessed with the energies of another playful day.  Do your best to reach for more lightness, playfulness, fun, joy, bliss, creativity, imagination, beauty, appreciation, optimism, openness, warmth, acceptance, and even more joy.  Allow your inner child to fully emerge with no restrictions.  I Thank you for taking your time to read these messages.