August has been intense!!!  The Brilliant Golden, Diamond, Platinum, Photonic Light has brought up every large and small belief, pattern, program, duality, and limitation for each one of us to see so that we may clear, release, or unify them within ourselves.  It has been non-stop.  The results are beautiful and profound.  We are now entering the last week before the numerology pulses shift to focus on the energies, wisdom, and opportunities of September.  Below are the numerology pulses that are outstanding for this week.

Sun. Aug. 25 Today we are getting a preview of September’s energy.  The last week of each month offers us intense energies that emphasize the opportunities and wisdom gained during that month to assist us to fully integrate all that occurred during the month.  It’s as if the energies this week are putting an exclamation mark on all that occurred during Aug.   In addition, the last week of each month also gives us a preview of what’s to come as it shows us the flavor of the new cycle we are about to experience as we shift from one month to the next.  So today, we are getting a preview of the 9 energy of September.  Depending on where we each are in our own journey, the energies today will vary.  However, the way they show up for you gives you a preview of the overall theme that is about to unfold for you during the month of September.  I have shared on the monthly September Numerology Blog, the various aspects of September that we are about to shift into.  Journal, write, be in nature, open to all the new, and embrace what comes forth are all powerful ways to align with today’s energies.

Mon. Aug. 26 Today is another one of those intense duality unifying days.  Any polarities/dualities that show up today may be quite exaggerated in order to get our attention.  Whatever shows up for each of us is what is ready to be unified and loved back into wholeness, regardless of what it looks like.  As we know, staying in our open and embracing heart is one of the best ways to unify opposites.

Tues.  Aug. 27 Today we are being gifted with opportunities to really unconditionally love ourselves.  These opportunities may come to us through an experience that really require us to go through them in non-judgment and unconditional love for ourselves, which radiates out to all.  We may have to stretch our heart to find ways to really speak unconditional love to ourselves and/or to others.  We can feel it if our self-love is not fresh, authentic, and true.  Use whatever heartfelt way really touches the part of you that is in need of unconditional love.

Wed. Aug. 28 Today is a powerful day for creative self-expression.  Allow inspiration, movement, creativity, visions, dreams, movement, and whatever is within that longs to be expressed to have a space and medium of expression.  It will do wonders as far as increasing your joy when you fully allow self-expression.

Thurs. Aug. 29  We have a powerful Master Number 22 today.  These Master Number days require our full engagement with whatever shows up.  And we are required to meet today’s experiences with empowerment, self-trust, courage, truth, openness, flexibility, and with the willingness to “see” a truth that we were not able to “see” before. 

Fri and Sat Aug. 30 and 31 are integration days.  Journal, write, digest, and embrace all the profound wisdom, Light, openings, accelerations, and opportunities that we have experienced, welcomed, and engaged with during this month of Unity Building.