Numerology – Week of Aug. 11 – Aug. 17, 2019

Numerology – Week of Aug 11 – 17, 2019

We are being gifted with another week of profound accelerations, vibrations, and photonic Light this week.  We are still in the amazing energies of last week and the Lion’s gateway that shifted our consciousness so beautifully and tangibly.  Here are the energies for this week that really stand out.

Sun. Aug. 11 – is a powerful Master Energy Day filled with opportunities for quantum leaps in our vibration to greater and greater expansion.  The energies today bring us opportunities to receive direct inspirations that act as breakthroughs to shift to a higher vibration.  In addition, the energies today will also gift us with opportunities for manifesting more of our dreams into form.  The energies today require us to fully engage with every experience with honor and gratitude in order to see the Brilliant Light being offered.

Mon. Aug. 12 – Yesterday stirred up many energies that may have been percolating within each one of us just below the surface of our awareness.  So today we may see or experience energies all over the map.  We want to remember that they are all important and significant regardless of what they may seem like at first.  They may not seem relevant, but they, are and we want to honor every experience as showing us something that we need to see/know.

Tues. and Wed. Aug. 13 & 14 are assisting us to focus on working with and integrating all that occurred during the months of June, July and Aug. to date.  It is so important to really embrace the wisdom and the vibrations that we have realized and to anchor them  within our Being.  Writing, journaling, creative endeavors, walks or sitting in nature, meditating, and just Being are all ways to integrate our inspiration and downloads.

Thurs. Aug. 15 and Sat. Aug. 17 are both powerfully intense energy days that require us to move into Oneness.  We may experience extreme opposite polarities that we may want to ignore.  However, they are gifting us with an opportunity for breakthroughs and opportunities to reach for the joy and beauty of Oneness by unifying these opposite polarities.  Not an easy task, but when we commit to unifying, we are always given so much non-physical assistance and so often, just the commitment to see oneness in something that seems very far from oneness, is all we need to hold in our intention for the miracles to happen. On the 15th is the Full Moon and this adds to the brilliant Light and acceleration that we feel Wed, Thurs, and Friday. If you resonate with this, honor the full moon in the way you resonate with. As we all know, the full moon lights up the darkness so that we are aware of anything hidden beneath the surface of our awareness. This entire week is vibrant with opportunities to assist us in expanding and shifting into higher vibrations.