Monthly Numerology – September 2019

Welcome September, our 9th month and the month of transfiguration.  Every year, September proves to be a powerful month for change, and this year September is a powerful month for absolute transfiguration.  All year long, we have all cleared, released, shifted our consciousness, unified opposite polarities, embraced more and more of self, opened our hearts to compassion, wisdom, clarity, and to the embracing of not only what we love, but also embracing that which we may not yet understand.  We have all grown into greater levels of unconditional love.  It has not been an “easy” year, yet it has been powerful and enlightening. So we find ourselves now at the threshold of September, which in a way, ties all that we have experienced, SEEN, and Unified into a place of readiness for each one of us to make a quantum leap into a new identity – a new beginning – a new way of viewing ourselves and since our external is our reflection, we now also view everything in our external world in a new way.  Perhaps we do not even have any label or understanding as to what all this newness we now identify with is about.  Sometimes all we know is that it is new and different.  We will grow into it.

Symbolically, September is the month of the caterpillar, who has been transforming inside its cocoon and now emerges as a butterfly with brilliant color, freedom, and flight.  Who knew we would stand transfigured on the threshold of flight.  It may have felt like we were in the darkness and sameness and constricted space with challenging realities for so long, and now, lo and behold, we now find ourselves shining with such beauty, vision, and vastness. 

We all, in one way or another, in small ways or very large ways, we now ALL find ourselves at this threshold.  Embrace the view.  Embrace the freedom. Embrace your Beauty. Embrace how you have changed.  Embrace the immense courage to stay the course within the cocoon regardless of what we have endured.  Honor yourself for your courage and determination.  Honor yourself for not “giving up”.  Honor all of Life that has supported you through the narrow passageway that you have just moved through.  Breathe in the new you!!!  Breathe in Life with as much gratitude that you can offer.

The other aspect of September that we want to align with is the principle of letting go.  September is also about letting go of the old and embracing all the new we are ready for.  So even though we may stand on the threshold in our new beautiful form/identity, we must move – we must take flight – we must soar – we must give our unique touch to the world that awaits our flight.  A butterfly cannot just remain outside its cocoon because its new gifts are flying and touching every beautiful flower, tasting its nectar, and delighting all of creation with its playful and beautiful joyful flight patterns.  Just as a butterfly is a joy bringer, we also in our newness are also light bringers, joy bringers, freedom bringers, and bringers of hope.  In order to do this we must let go of ALL old ideas we have about ourselves and what we are here to do.  We need to let go of how we have always done things and what we “think” we need to do.  We need to let go of anything that is holding us to the old and trust our new gifts will hold us up and carry us to the next flower and the next and the next.  We follow our hearts and go where it leads us.  What a magical month September is.  A month of change/transfiguration – a month of letting go – a month of new identity – a month of freedom, flight, joy, and Beauty.  May we all have a magical September.  Thank you !!!