Monthly Numerology – November 2019

Welcome November – a month of Mastery!!!!  November, being the 11th month, carries the vibration of mastery.  Understanding the focus and purpose of this powerful 11th month of mastery assists us in fully engaging with the powerful energies that this month is offering to us.  The energy of 11 brings us experiences that assist us to shift our vibration AND change our identity.  One way this occurs is through experiences that bring up unresolved issues from within.  When we are faced with a challenging experience, we have two choices.  Our first choice is to engage fully with the experience understanding that our Inner Being brought this experience forth so that we have the opportunity to clear and heal the false belief or program or pattern from a place of empowerment and gratitude, and in doing so we recognize our Oneness with our Inner Being, and we recognize that we have the power to shift any experience into a positive and beneficial experience.  We literally see ourselves as a master of this experience and this inner recognition changes our identity.  We cannot change our identity with our mind.  It must be witnessed by us through our empowered choices, and then the shift in identity takes place within our powerful heart.

The other choice available when faced with a challenging situation is to feel overwhelmed by it, and to feel that the experience is greater than we are.  With this choice we do our best to move through it from a limited perspective.  Of course, there is never a judgment as to how we move through each experience.  Whatever way we choose to meet our challenges is perfect because we learn from every experience.  Whenever we do our best, our best is always magnificent.  There is no “right or wrong” way to engage with Life.  Every moment is perfect for the wisdom we gain from every experience.  But it does help to know that we have two choices with every experience.  Also there is no “race” to realizing our mastery.  We all have unique and powerful and magnificent pathways to embodying our Divinity, and whatever pace we travel our pathway, is perfect for us.

It is helpful understanding the point and purpose of our challenging experiences that are being called forth this month.  They are not showing up just to irritate us – they have a profound purpose.

In addition to the fact that the energies this month are bringing to the surface any and all unresolved issues for us to resolve, we are all also receiving intense and immense flows of Brilliant Golden/Platinum/Photonic Crystalline Light from Source in every now moment and this also brings up any dense energy for clearing.  So, the combination of the energies of November and the intensity of Light we are being flooded with, makes November a month of doing very deep and profound inner work. 

On 11-11 (November 11th) the intensity will be over the top so knowing this ahead of time assists us to understand our experiences in a deeper way.  I find the best way to engage with these challenging energies is to breathe deeply, without trying to resist or hold back the intensity.  Once we breathe and relax with whatever our experience is and once we remember this is a gift, this allows us to engage with our experiences from an empowered perspective and that shifts our vibration to a higher vibration which allows us to hold more Light.  Relaxing and breathing deeply with appreciation even before you begin doing whatever inner work is called for, is a powerful place from which to engage with each experience.

There is another aspect of November’s powerful 11 energy that we will notice from time to time this month.  The 11 energy assists us to improve all our relationships – relationships with our Inner Being; with the earth; with each other; with our creativity; with Source; with our body; with our Universe.  It is helpful to remember that, most likely, any unresolved relationship will come up for healing and aligning this month.  All relationships are a reflection of our relationship with Self so any inner work we can engage with that clears and aligns any relationship, ultimately assists us to more fully and powerfully engage with Self. 

Very often visions and clear insights will be revealed to each of us this month.  These are direct downloads from this powerful month.  Honor them and work deeply with them to reveal their treasures.    This month may bring great intensity, however, the gifts of working deeply within each and every experience this month is creating the greatest opportunity for each one of us.  This deep inner work is preparing us for the profound and powerful December and our new magical and exquisite year of 2020.  We all want to move into this amazing new 2020 year cleared of all our baggage and our unresolved issues.  We are at the threshold of the most magical gateway we have ever experienced.