Crystals to Stimulate Our Physical Vitality

We are all experiencing the intense, profound, and brilliant Light accelerations and activations that are being offered energetically to us.  These energies can feel tiring and challenging to our bodies because our body is literally re-building itself in a higher vibration while at the same time, running our current body.  What a task!!!  This week I am featuring crystals that will assist our bodies in the area of physical stamina.  What follows is a partial list of crystals that have iron as part of their elemental make-up. 

Iron promotes the formation of hemoglobin in our red blood cells.  This ensures transportation of oxygen to all parts of the body which promotes physical vitality.  It helps in cases of weakness and exhaustion.  It stimulates the functions of the liver, spleen, intestine and bone marrow.  It fortifies the immune system.  It activates initiative, dynamic action, endurance, willpower, and the gift of enthusiasm.  Iron promotes the warrior side of us.  It also promotes inner calm.  It can clear and release painful and limiting memories and imprints in our energy field.

The following crystals all contain iron and will assist our bodies with physical vitality.  This is a partial list of crystals containing iron.

Agate                                                  Onyx

Amethyst                                           Pyrite

Aquamarine                                      Red Chalcedony

Beryl                                                   Rhodochrosite

Carnelian                                          Rose Quartz

Red Calcite                                       Strawberry Quartz

Chrysocolla                                       Sugilite

Citrine                                                Sunstone

Epidote                                              Tangerine Quartz

Fire Opal                                            Tourmaline

Garnet                                                Nephrite

Golden Healer Quartz