As we move into the last week and a half of October, the energies continue to intensify.  All summer long we have been preparing for Nov, Dec, and the new 2020 year.  We are all clearing old “stuff” and shifting into a lighter and higher vibration.  This is powerful and deep work we are all engaging in, and it is important to appreciate ourselves for all the effort and dedication to walking our unique and empowered pathway.  Here are the numerology energies for this week.

Mon. Oct. 21 – Today’s energies support deep inner work.  The more we know and understand ourselves, the more we uncover what is not true for us.  As we release outdated and false beliefs and programs, our vibration shifts to higher and higher vibrations.  So the focus today is to continue our deep inner work of searching for all our inner treasures.

Tues. Oct. 22 – Today is a master number day.  This indicates that issues, experiences, and challenges may come up that require us to move through them in our mastery.  Each time we move through an experience with empowerment, our identity shifts and we realize more deeply who we really are.

Wed. Oct. 23 – Today’s energies support releasing what no longer serves us.  These opportunities may come very subtly now because we have done so much clearing.  However subtle an old limiting pattern may be, if it is still part of our energy field, we will be manifesting the impact of those limiting patterns.  Often these old energies may present themselves in our night-time dreams.  We tend to do a lot of inner clearing at night.  So if you remember a dream, and it has limitation within it, spend some time releasing whatever pattern that represents.

Thurs. Oct. 24 – Today’s energies will require us to speak our truth – stand up for ourselves – “walk the talk” – and shine our Light.  We will not be allowed to be hidden today.

Fri. Oct. 25 – All of creation is showering us with unconditional love today.  Of course, this IS always the case, however, today it will be more noticeable.  Breathe it in and embrace how deeply we are all loved, regardless of circumstances.  This is our truth – We Are Loved and We Are Love.

Sat. Oct. 26 – Today’s energies support our creativity – our self-expression – our movement – being in nature – being out with the dark of the moon tonight to gaze at the brilliant stars – and any type of creative expression.

Dear Ones, I apologize for not updating this blog for the past few weeks. The energies have been so intense, it has brought up some challenges that have prevented me from writing. I will be back updating this blog on Sunday, Oct. 20. I thank you for your patience. Love to you, Marie

Sun. Sept. 22 The energies all this month have been so powerful, filling us to overflowing with accelerated Crystalline Golden, Platinum, Diamond, Photonic Light.  This tends to make our body quite tired as it integrates more and more of these high vibrations into our entire Being.  It will push up and out anything of dense energy for us to release.  Today is the powerful Fall Equinox and these energies will continue to intensity and increase today and for the remainder of the month and this year.  In addition, today is a Master Number Day and a day for deep inner focus.  It is a lot, so do your best to allow and integrate these blessed energies.

Mon. Sept. 23 Today’s energies support us in finding our natural inner balance as we work with the polarities that come up for unifying.  Breathing deeply – moving – getting out in nature – journaling – meditating, and resting all assist.  These are things we all do, and they are the very best tools to use in working with these powerful and consciousness shifting energies.  Be kind and gentle with yourself.

Tues. Sept. 24 Today’s energies assist us to complete whatever feels unfinished.  There is great blessings in completing.   Whether it is a project, a task, a move, a creative endeavor, an identity, an attitude, a pattern, etc.  When we feel the satisfaction of completion, we embrace all the wisdom and shifts of perception gained from whatever it is that we are completing.  In addition, when we embrace all the steps that we took while moving through the endeavor or identity, and we feel that we are complete with it and that it has served us completely, then we are not pulled energetically to go back and revisit or redo things, attitudes, patterns, perceptions, etc.  We can completely and freely let it go with gratitude for all we gained.  Today’s energies help us complete any unfinished business.

Wed.  Sept. 25  We have just moved through the powerful Fall equinox, and today we begin anew.  The last week in each month begins to prepare us for the upcoming month by giving us preparation energy for what is about to come.  So today’s energies are supporting us in opening our awareness to all the new that we are now ready to step into.  October’s energies are all about stepping into the new, and today we get a preview of that energy.  Allow yourself to be as open to receiving all new ideas, visions, insights, and opportunities as possible.  It is not necessarily an action day, more of receiving new visions that you will put into action when the timing is ready.

Thurs.  Sept. 26  Today is another powerful day of giving and receiving unconditional love – to yourself – to your family and friends – to your community – to our earth – to our bodies – to life.  It is helpful to set our intention to stay as much as possible in our heart space today.  Of course we do this without judgment when we forget, and we gently move back into our heart space as often as we can remember to.

Fri. Sept. 27 Today could present challenges, however, it helps if we understand what the energy is, and how it is working through us to assist us to shift in vibration.  It is a “double” 9 day, and whenever we have “double” numbers, it magnifies and intensifies that energy 100 percent.  9 is the energy of completion and re-birth.  It is a transformational energy.  So depending on what stage of transformation we each are in, that will determine how today’s energy will assist us to move through that stage.  If we use the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly as a symbol, know that we can be anywhere in that transformation process.  We could just be entering into your next transformation where everything seems to be slowing down—or we could be in the middle of feeling stuck where absolutely no movement or light can be perceived by us – or we could be just emerging from the cocoon and on the threshold of taking off in new form and flight – or we could be flying free for the first time.  With a double 9 energy, we will really feel where we are within this transformational process.  Do your best to honor wherever you are, knowing that it is a process, and you are moving through it.

Sat. Sept. 28  We have another Master Number day today which will require that we live from our highest aspect, and engage with every experience, whether internal or external, through our empowered heart.  To walk through our journey as a master means we are not overcome by any situation, knowing that we are the creator of every experience, and that every experience is a gift assisting us to evolve and expand.

To say the energies this month and last month are intense, is an understatement.   They are VERY INTENSE!!!  However, with the intensity this month comes profound and unspeakable gifts.  So do your best to breathe them all in, allowing them to integrate within.  Talking with your body to re-assure it that these energies will not harm the body and are for your benefit will help.  Once we relax our bodies into these energies, they will flow without resistance.  We are in the month of re-birthing new identities all month long.  Birthing takes concentration, effort, focus, determination, and alignment to the process.  And of course, joy over the new that is being born.  Birthing is not a “piece of cake or a walk in the park” as every mother will confirm.   Yet every mother will also confirm that it is SO VERY worth it.   Here are the numerology energies for each day this week.

Sun. Sept. 15  The focus today is re-birthing.  Letting go of what no longer serves us and embracing all the new even if we do not know what the new is yet.  We are finished with the old.  It served us for a time.  We have learned all we needed to learn from it, and we just allow it to leave with deep appreciation for all the wisdom gained from it. 

Mon. Sept. 16 Today’s energies support us in identifying and SEEING and expressing from our new identity.  Today we need to allow ourselves to be seen in our newness.  Just go for it today – Say yes to life today – Allow ourselves to engage with any new opportunities that come up today, regardless of how small or large they may seem.  Just as the tip of an iceberg can seem quite small, yet it is massive beneath the surface, our new identities may seem small at first, but they contain much more than is visible.  Honor all the new that shows up today.

Tues. Sept. 17 Unconditional Love is magnified for us to see, feel, and experience today.  Watch for it – the more we look for it and watch for it, knowing it is there all around us, the more we will notice it was there all along.  It only takes the smallest of opening for us to see the vastness and depth of how much we are loved unconditionally at all times.

Wed. Sept. 18  Today may be another really powerful day.  The issues that show up for us today will have to do with letting go of what no longer serves us.  We tend to hold onto things longer than needed because they are familiar.  Today is a powerful day to ask yourself deep questions about anything that is causing an issue.  These challenging experiences come up when we are ready to release them.

Thurs. Sept. 19  We are blessed with a Master Number energy day today.  Remaining centered within your truth is required.  Engaging with every experience from an empowered stance and knowingness is required.  Appreciating the wisdom and gifts from every experience is required.  It is a powerful day to live your mastery.

Fri. Sept. 20  Today is a day for integration of all the new light, accelerations, wisdom, and shifts that we have allowed this month.  Journaling assists in integration.  Contemplating all that we have gained assists us in this integration.  Movement, breath work, meditation, being in nature, and creative expression all assist in integration.  We want to anchor into every part of our being all the new that we have just allowed.

Sat. Sept. 21 This month there are quite a few days in which the energy has an ultra-sensitive vibration to it.  Today is such a day.  These ultra-sensitive days are to assist us in discerning what no longer serves us and also to feel the new that is being offered.  We release that which no longer serves us and we embrace the new even if we cannot yet perceive the details of it yet.  When we have these ultra-sensitive days, do not take them personally.  Use them to release and embrace the new, release and embrace the new, release and embrace the new without judgment.

September is gifting us with profound and accelerated Light and this Brilliant Light is shifting each of us into a more expanded and higher vibration.  It is nonstop, as was August and this nonstop intensity and expansion will continue for the remainder of this year.  Along with the blissful states that we are experiencing, we are also opening more and more space within that perhaps have not been exposed to the brilliant Light for quite a while.  As such, it may seem that you are experiencing some “old” issues that you have already cleared.  It is helpful to remember that the more we expand, often we also open up “new rooms in our inner mansion” that we have not entered into for a long time and each time we open up places within us that have not been available to us, our Brilliant Light will clear out any dissonant energy that was held within.  Just remember that it is leaving you and just let it all go in appreciation of the wisdom it has given you.  This week is another very powerful and intense week.  Here are the days that really stand out.

Sun.  Sept. 8 – Today we are receiving amplified and magnified amounts of Divine Mother’s Unconditional Love.  Tap into this as much as possible today.  Allow yourself time to get out in nature and just receive, receive, receive as much as you are able.  Also it is an excellent day to give your earth self some powerful unconditional love.  This part of you does SO MUCH.  She/He agreed to come here and forget who she/he is in order to learn profound wisdom that could only be realized by taking this courageous journey of forgetting.  Now that we all are dissolving our inner veils and remembering who we really are, it is so important to thank, appreciate, cherish, acknowledge, and love that courageous part of us who set forth into what appeared to be darkness.   Do your best to open to all the unconditional love being offered to us today.

Mon. Sept. 9 – Today it is vital that we do our best to remain in our center regardless of external or internal experiences.  Remember not to take anything personal today as our sensitivity is heightened with the numerology pulse of today’s energy.   Today’s energy could be quite challenging, so if we know that ahead of time, it helps us to remain connected within.  The purpose of such an intensely sensitive day is to assist us to “see” something or “feel” something that we need to understand about ourselves or our truth.  The energy today is attempting to show us a truth we need to understand about ourselves that will assist us as we move forward on our pathway.

Tues. Sept. 10 – Today is a Master Number day and will require us to move through it in our mastery – in our empowerment – in our empowered choice to call forth revelations about the experiences that show up for us today.  There are great gifts for each of us today, but it will take some inner mastery to uncover these hidden gems.

Wed. Sept. 11 – Today is a powerful day of integration, AND also a day for profound insights, visions, and revelations to be shown to us.   Make a note of the insights because they are important messages to each of us regarding our journey and also opportunities to realize some blessings that are ready to manifest. 

Thurs. Sept. 12 – Today’s energy is similar to Monday’s energy.  Numerology energies work with us in a cyclical manner.  So today’s energy is coming in and picking up where we left off with it on Monday.  In a way today’s experience is an extension of what was going on for us on Monday to bring us into greater and more expanded understandings and vibrations regarding all that occurred for us on Monday.

Fri. Sept. 13 – Today’s energies support us in going within to ask ourselves deep questions; to journal; to engage in creative expression; to write; to spend time in nature; to meditate and do whatever practices you resonate with that increase self-discovery. 

Sat. Sept. 14 – Today we are blessed with the powerful full moon of September and the powerful 8 energy of union and oneness.  The energies may feel quite intense so do your best to breathe them all in, integrate with them, embrace them, and engage with them in order to reveal to yourself their powerful gifts.

Numerology – Sept. 1 – Sept. 7, 2019

We have moved through the powerful and intense month of August and we now stand on the threshold of the transfiguring month of September.  August was intense so embrace and honor yourselves for all you have moved through in August – Whew!!!  September will be non-stop in its brilliant focus to shift our identity – not just once, but again and again and again.  Let us become comfortable with our ever-changing shifting and evolving nature.  Here are the days this week that stand out – energy wise.

Sun. Sept. 1 – We begin this month today with the great blessings of the spiritual energy of 13.  This is the signature ray of Christed Consciousness and today, if we choose and align with this, we fully activate this powerful ray/Light from within our Sacred Heart.  Visualize, meditate, be in nature, sit in the sun, and listen to your inner guidance to activate this Brilliant Light.  The more we remain in our Sacred and Open Heart, the more we can access and align with this Light.  To be offered this Brilliant Gift at the beginning of this amazing month, is indeed an awesome gift.  The first day of each month sets the tone for the entire month.  The gift of beginning this month of new identity and new beginnings with the Christed 13th Ray shows us that we are all indeed ready to hold this frequency/vibration continually.  This is proof of the profound and remarkable inner work we have all been doing in order to be ready for such a gift. 

Mon. Sept. 2 – Today’s energies are gifting us with continual opportunities to integrate all that occurred yesterday and the month of Aug.   Journaling, singing, dancing, being in nature, walking, meditating, becoming lost in creativity, dialoguing within, and honoring your body and self are all ways to assist in integrating all the new that we are calling forth.

Tues. Sept. 3 – Today could be challenging, however, if we remember that the goal of September is to release all the old and to embrace all our new that is bubbling up to be recognized and embraced, that may assist in moving through any challenges today.  Especially today, do not take anything personal – any stress or ultra-sensitivity is the old leaving.  Let us do our best to appreciate it for what it has taught us and then release it.

Wed. Sept. 4 – Today’s energies are calling us within – deeply within – deep deep within.  If possible, just go with these powerful inward calling energies and open to your inner vastness and inner treasures. 

Fri. and Sat,. Sept. 6 and 7 are both very intense energy days.  Both these days are working together in tandem to assist us to let go of any old identity so we may step into our new identity.  The energies may feel so strong and even overwhelming, but understand they are bringing up some very old identities that up until now have been hard for us to release.  We may feel like we are not ready to let go, but it would not have come up if we were not ready.  We need to hold onto our deepest trust in ourselves, in Source, and in our journey and let go of whatever no longer serves us.  AND we are now ready to embrace all the new that can freely emerge from all that freed up space within.  Be patient and kind with yourself as you move through these two days.  You may need to take things in steps, acknowledging “this is the best I can do for now” and moving through the day in that way, without judgment and just step by step.  We don’t need to do it all in a second, we can take it in the way that we can handle – loving ourselves – honoring ourselves – having compassion for ourselves in this profound journey.

August has been intense!!!  The Brilliant Golden, Diamond, Platinum, Photonic Light has brought up every large and small belief, pattern, program, duality, and limitation for each one of us to see so that we may clear, release, or unify them within ourselves.  It has been non-stop.  The results are beautiful and profound.  We are now entering the last week before the numerology pulses shift to focus on the energies, wisdom, and opportunities of September.  Below are the numerology pulses that are outstanding for this week.

Sun. Aug. 25 Today we are getting a preview of September’s energy.  The last week of each month offers us intense energies that emphasize the opportunities and wisdom gained during that month to assist us to fully integrate all that occurred during the month.  It’s as if the energies this week are putting an exclamation mark on all that occurred during Aug.   In addition, the last week of each month also gives us a preview of what’s to come as it shows us the flavor of the new cycle we are about to experience as we shift from one month to the next.  So today, we are getting a preview of the 9 energy of September.  Depending on where we each are in our own journey, the energies today will vary.  However, the way they show up for you gives you a preview of the overall theme that is about to unfold for you during the month of September.  I have shared on the monthly September Numerology Blog, the various aspects of September that we are about to shift into.  Journal, write, be in nature, open to all the new, and embrace what comes forth are all powerful ways to align with today’s energies.

Mon. Aug. 26 Today is another one of those intense duality unifying days.  Any polarities/dualities that show up today may be quite exaggerated in order to get our attention.  Whatever shows up for each of us is what is ready to be unified and loved back into wholeness, regardless of what it looks like.  As we know, staying in our open and embracing heart is one of the best ways to unify opposites.

Tues.  Aug. 27 Today we are being gifted with opportunities to really unconditionally love ourselves.  These opportunities may come to us through an experience that really require us to go through them in non-judgment and unconditional love for ourselves, which radiates out to all.  We may have to stretch our heart to find ways to really speak unconditional love to ourselves and/or to others.  We can feel it if our self-love is not fresh, authentic, and true.  Use whatever heartfelt way really touches the part of you that is in need of unconditional love.

Wed. Aug. 28 Today is a powerful day for creative self-expression.  Allow inspiration, movement, creativity, visions, dreams, movement, and whatever is within that longs to be expressed to have a space and medium of expression.  It will do wonders as far as increasing your joy when you fully allow self-expression.

Thurs. Aug. 29  We have a powerful Master Number 22 today.  These Master Number days require our full engagement with whatever shows up.  And we are required to meet today’s experiences with empowerment, self-trust, courage, truth, openness, flexibility, and with the willingness to “see” a truth that we were not able to “see” before. 

Fri and Sat Aug. 30 and 31 are integration days.  Journal, write, digest, and embrace all the profound wisdom, Light, openings, accelerations, and opportunities that we have experienced, welcomed, and engaged with during this month of Unity Building.

Aug. 18 – Aug. 24, 2019

Wow the energies this month are quite intense and will continue for the remainder of the month and for the remainder of this year as we prepare in each of our own perfect way for the unfolding of 2020.  Here are the Numerology Pulses that stand out this week.

Sun. Aug. 18 we are being blasted with powerful experiences of how very much we all are loved unconditionally.  Open to and feel the Unconditional Love of Divine Mother as we are held in Love.  As a way to align more fully with this powerful stream of unconditional love, we want to recognize it, embrace it, offer it, radiate it, and allow it to fill every aspect of our life.  Unconditional love is our pathway, our destiny, and our gift to ourselves and to all of life.

Mon. Aug. 19 we are gifted with the vibrations of creativity, spontaneity, imagination, visions, dreams, self-expression, dance, song, and movement as a way to focus our awareness today and understand ourselves at a deeper level.  Honor these blessed expressions of the flow of life as they move through you.

Tues. Aug. 20 is a powerful day for allowing our dreams to take form.  Next year, 2020, manifestation into form will be a huge focus, and today we are getting a preview of that energy.  If you resonate with this, work with any ideas, dreams, visions, revelations, and insights that you have been nurturing.  Feel with your heart if they are ready to take form or if they still need more gestation within you.  Allow any that are ready to be born into form to begin to manifest.  It’s an allowance.  We don’t need to do anything except allow our heart to lead the way.

Thurs. Aug. 22 is powerful beyond words.  Be vigilant – aware – in the flow of your heart – centered within your truth – connected to Earth Mother and Source – and allow and honor all that you are ready to experience to show up in your world.

Fri. Aug. 23 is an inward focusing day.  It is a perfect energy day to write, journal, contemplate, be in nature and integrate all that occurred yesterday and all year so far.  Allow your inner compass to guide you this day.  Every part of our being needs to integrate our wisdom – which is what today is assisting us with.

Sat.  Aug. 24 – Watch for opposite polarities to be up close and personal today.  They are showing up for us to unify the truth in each end of the polarity.  Truth is the great unifier and illuminator.  When we witness opposite polarities, there is a missing truth from BOTH ends of the polarity.  Finding and embracing the truth that is revealed to us as we work within our heart space to understand and find the wisdom, this will show us the Oneness that was there all along.

Numerology – Week of Aug 11 – 17, 2019

We are being gifted with another week of profound accelerations, vibrations, and photonic Light this week.  We are still in the amazing energies of last week and the Lion’s gateway that shifted our consciousness so beautifully and tangibly.  Here are the energies for this week that really stand out.

Sun. Aug. 11 – is a powerful Master Energy Day filled with opportunities for quantum leaps in our vibration to greater and greater expansion.  The energies today bring us opportunities to receive direct inspirations that act as breakthroughs to shift to a higher vibration.  In addition, the energies today will also gift us with opportunities for manifesting more of our dreams into form.  The energies today require us to fully engage with every experience with honor and gratitude in order to see the Brilliant Light being offered.

Mon. Aug. 12 – Yesterday stirred up many energies that may have been percolating within each one of us just below the surface of our awareness.  So today we may see or experience energies all over the map.  We want to remember that they are all important and significant regardless of what they may seem like at first.  They may not seem relevant, but they, are and we want to honor every experience as showing us something that we need to see/know.

Tues. and Wed. Aug. 13 & 14 are assisting us to focus on working with and integrating all that occurred during the months of June, July and Aug. to date.  It is so important to really embrace the wisdom and the vibrations that we have realized and to anchor them  within our Being.  Writing, journaling, creative endeavors, walks or sitting in nature, meditating, and just Being are all ways to integrate our inspiration and downloads.

Thurs. Aug. 15 and Sat. Aug. 17 are both powerfully intense energy days that require us to move into Oneness.  We may experience extreme opposite polarities that we may want to ignore.  However, they are gifting us with an opportunity for breakthroughs and opportunities to reach for the joy and beauty of Oneness by unifying these opposite polarities.  Not an easy task, but when we commit to unifying, we are always given so much non-physical assistance and so often, just the commitment to see oneness in something that seems very far from oneness, is all we need to hold in our intention for the miracles to happen. On the 15th is the Full Moon and this adds to the brilliant Light and acceleration that we feel Wed, Thurs, and Friday. If you resonate with this, honor the full moon in the way you resonate with. As we all know, the full moon lights up the darkness so that we are aware of anything hidden beneath the surface of our awareness. This entire week is vibrant with opportunities to assist us in expanding and shifting into higher vibrations.

This is a very powerful week with the Lion’s gateway on Aug. 8 and already these incredible energies are fully present and permeating our Being.  It is important to anchor and ground these powerful energies in the ways that we resonate with.

Sun. Aug. 4 has the energies of service, unconditional love, family, humanity, and Divine Mother.  Truly exquisite energies of support and love and also playfulness are with us today.  The flavor this month, regardless of how intense the energies may feel, is to call forth the energies of playfulness and Lightness.  Calling forth the energies of rainbows, dancing in the summer rain, joy, playfulness, and beauty will assist us in integrating these powerful and intense energies. 

Mon. Aug. 5 is an inward focusing day.  Use your playful nature also as you delve deeply within.  See it as a magical inward journey and not something that you “have” to do in order to clear and release or understand self more deeply.  Every time I sit for the channeling of these numerology messages for this month, always the messages for August are wrapped in rainbows and the play of light and the joy of life.  Nothing feels serious at all as I receive these powerful messages.

Tues. Aug. 6  Today, we may be faced with many many opposite polarities to work with in order to unify them into oneness.  Find the missing truth within each pair of opposites and with the power of truth, find the balance point, find the point of oneness.  Thank them for assisting you to realize more wisdom and to expand your consciousness.  Each one of us will be faced with the perfect pair of opposites that we are now ready to unify.  Hold onto your sense of humor also as you reach for unity.

Wed. Aug. 7 Today the energies support us in completely releasing and clearing our past.  Not our ancient past, which we have already cleared, but our past from last week; our past from yesterday; any identity where we still hold limitation is now ready to be cleared by the powerful energies of the Lion’s Gateway and ALL the momentum and acceleration that is building this August to prepare us for 2020.

Thurs. Aug. 8  Today holds the full intensity of the Lion’s Gateway and these energies are pushing every one of us who are ready to really let go and align with all the new identities that we are ready to embrace and realize.  The energies on this powerful day are that of new beginnings; leadership; moving forward in a huge way; speaking our truth; and allowing our greatness to merge into every cell, electron, atom, and molecule, so that we may fully embody our greatness. 

Fri. Aug. 9  Today we are blessed with the energies of Divine Unconditional Love.  Every time you can remember to, breathe in all the unconditional love your body can hold and allow it to overflow to everyone and everything you encounter today.  In this way we are the blessings that we radiate to all of life.

Sat. Aug. 10  Today we are blessed with the energies of another playful day.  Do your best to reach for more lightness, playfulness, fun, joy, bliss, creativity, imagination, beauty, appreciation, optimism, openness, warmth, acceptance, and even more joy.  Allow your inner child to fully emerge with no restrictions.  I Thank you for taking your time to read these messages.