Dear Ones, I have not been able to write the weekly Numerology since November, due to my getting my artwork into a shop in Sedona and all that is required to increase my inventory to replace sold items. I have that all set now and running nicely. Beginning in April, I will again post a monthly Numerology Pulse. I thank you for your understanding. In addition, I will not be posting a weekly numerology pulse, but instead I will be posting helpful tools to assist all during these challenging times.

Numerology – Week of Aug 11 – 17, 2019

We are being gifted with another week of profound accelerations, vibrations, and photonic Light this week.  We are still in the amazing energies of last week and the Lion’s gateway that shifted our consciousness so beautifully and tangibly.  Here are the energies for this week that really stand out.

Sun. Aug. 11 – is a powerful Master Energy Day filled with opportunities for quantum leaps in our vibration to greater and greater expansion.  The energies today bring us opportunities to receive direct inspirations that act as breakthroughs to shift to a higher vibration.  In addition, the energies today will also gift us with opportunities for manifesting more of our dreams into form.  The energies today require us to fully engage with every experience with honor and gratitude in order to see the Brilliant Light being offered.

Mon. Aug. 12 – Yesterday stirred up many energies that may have been percolating within each one of us just below the surface of our awareness.  So today we may see or experience energies all over the map.  We want to remember that they are all important and significant regardless of what they may seem like at first.  They may not seem relevant, but they, are and we want to honor every experience as showing us something that we need to see/know.

Tues. and Wed. Aug. 13 & 14 are assisting us to focus on working with and integrating all that occurred during the months of June, July and Aug. to date.  It is so important to really embrace the wisdom and the vibrations that we have realized and to anchor them  within our Being.  Writing, journaling, creative endeavors, walks or sitting in nature, meditating, and just Being are all ways to integrate our inspiration and downloads.

Thurs. Aug. 15 and Sat. Aug. 17 are both powerfully intense energy days that require us to move into Oneness.  We may experience extreme opposite polarities that we may want to ignore.  However, they are gifting us with an opportunity for breakthroughs and opportunities to reach for the joy and beauty of Oneness by unifying these opposite polarities.  Not an easy task, but when we commit to unifying, we are always given so much non-physical assistance and so often, just the commitment to see oneness in something that seems very far from oneness, is all we need to hold in our intention for the miracles to happen. On the 15th is the Full Moon and this adds to the brilliant Light and acceleration that we feel Wed, Thurs, and Friday. If you resonate with this, honor the full moon in the way you resonate with. As we all know, the full moon lights up the darkness so that we are aware of anything hidden beneath the surface of our awareness. This entire week is vibrant with opportunities to assist us in expanding and shifting into higher vibrations.

This is a very powerful week with the Lion’s gateway on Aug. 8 and already these incredible energies are fully present and permeating our Being.  It is important to anchor and ground these powerful energies in the ways that we resonate with.

Sun. Aug. 4 has the energies of service, unconditional love, family, humanity, and Divine Mother.  Truly exquisite energies of support and love and also playfulness are with us today.  The flavor this month, regardless of how intense the energies may feel, is to call forth the energies of playfulness and Lightness.  Calling forth the energies of rainbows, dancing in the summer rain, joy, playfulness, and beauty will assist us in integrating these powerful and intense energies. 

Mon. Aug. 5 is an inward focusing day.  Use your playful nature also as you delve deeply within.  See it as a magical inward journey and not something that you “have” to do in order to clear and release or understand self more deeply.  Every time I sit for the channeling of these numerology messages for this month, always the messages for August are wrapped in rainbows and the play of light and the joy of life.  Nothing feels serious at all as I receive these powerful messages.

Tues. Aug. 6  Today, we may be faced with many many opposite polarities to work with in order to unify them into oneness.  Find the missing truth within each pair of opposites and with the power of truth, find the balance point, find the point of oneness.  Thank them for assisting you to realize more wisdom and to expand your consciousness.  Each one of us will be faced with the perfect pair of opposites that we are now ready to unify.  Hold onto your sense of humor also as you reach for unity.

Wed. Aug. 7 Today the energies support us in completely releasing and clearing our past.  Not our ancient past, which we have already cleared, but our past from last week; our past from yesterday; any identity where we still hold limitation is now ready to be cleared by the powerful energies of the Lion’s Gateway and ALL the momentum and acceleration that is building this August to prepare us for 2020.

Thurs. Aug. 8  Today holds the full intensity of the Lion’s Gateway and these energies are pushing every one of us who are ready to really let go and align with all the new identities that we are ready to embrace and realize.  The energies on this powerful day are that of new beginnings; leadership; moving forward in a huge way; speaking our truth; and allowing our greatness to merge into every cell, electron, atom, and molecule, so that we may fully embody our greatness. 

Fri. Aug. 9  Today we are blessed with the energies of Divine Unconditional Love.  Every time you can remember to, breathe in all the unconditional love your body can hold and allow it to overflow to everyone and everything you encounter today.  In this way we are the blessings that we radiate to all of life.

Sat. Aug. 10  Today we are blessed with the energies of another playful day.  Do your best to reach for more lightness, playfulness, fun, joy, bliss, creativity, imagination, beauty, appreciation, optimism, openness, warmth, acceptance, and even more joy.  Allow your inner child to fully emerge with no restrictions.  I Thank you for taking your time to read these messages.

Week of July 28 – Aug. 3, 2019

The energies shift as we move from July to August this week.  The energies of July (7th month) focus us and call us to go within for self-discovery.  We will notice a shift as we move into the powerful month of August, our 8th month with its beautiful energies of harmony, balance, and oneness – truly magnificent energies.  The energies at the very beginning of each month and the energies at the very end of each month can be felt in a tangible way as the energies shift.  They are meant to get out attention – they are alerting us to the change in focus.

Sun. July 28 we are given every opportunity to remember to love ourselves unconditionally.  This could show up with experiences where we might judge ourselves so that we will remember, oh yes, no judgment ever.  Whatever we are ready to let go of, may show up so that we can consciously and powerfully release and clear that out dated program/belief.  Our higher self does have a sense of humor and sometimes when you declare something, our inner being will bring us an opportunity to really embrace that declaration even more deeply.  So today we watch for ways to really love ourselves even more deeply than before.  And of course, as we all know, just that alone can make it so easy to love others unconditionally as well.

Mon. July 29 is a day for us to be aware of our inspiration – our dreams – our visions – ideas we may not have had before.  Write them down if possible.  Visualize them if possible.  Plant them in your fertile imagination. 

Tues. July 30 is a very powerful day for manifesting.  If any of us have been on the fence about something, today is the day to make empowered choices and get off the fence.  Trust in yourself –  Trust in your Inner Being – Trust in your non-physical helpers – Trust in Life – Trust in the Universe and go for it today.

Wed. July 31.  Today’s energies are about shifting our perspective as we are getting ready to enter the energies of August.  The energies may feel all over the map today.  Just allow them to be.  They are getting us ready to move into August – into more harmony – into more balance – into Infinity – into freedom from separation – into oneness.

Thurs. Aug. 1.  We begin this month with the energies of inspiration – vision – pioneering spirit – openness – freedom – creativity – and sensitivity.  It’s a day to allow our inner child to play – dance – sing – move – create – dream and be the joyful being we all are when we allow our open heart to lead the way.  I have found that the energies on the first day of each month, really set the tone for the entire month.  How marvelous that we enter August with the energies of our playful inner child – full of wonder, lightness, playfulness, openness, vision, empowerment and love.  Welcome August!!!

Fri. Aug.2 and Sat. Aug. 3 are calling each of us to write down our visions and inspirations and dreams.   The numerology energy on both of these days support us in putting detail, form, and substance to our dreams.  We are getting ready for the magical year of 2020 and we will be preparing for the amazing 2020 year for the remainder of this year.  Perhaps not every day, but the theme for the second half of 2019 is really assisting us to clear anything that is holding us back from truly stepping into our new reality – our new life – our heaven on earth life.  So Fri and Sat this week are assisting us to move in that direction.

Week of July 21 – July 27, 2019

We have all shifted and aligned and uncovered more of Self this month.  The energies all month have been beyond powerful.  This week the energies support us in integrating all the new into every part of our being.  As we all know, integration is a vital part of our process and the energies being offered to us all summer so far have been of high vibration and acceleration.  The energies this week assist us in fully embodying and integrating these energies so we will be ready for the powerful month of August and the rest of this year.  All days this week are significant, especially Wed. and Thursday, July 24 and July 25.  Those two days may feel quite intense because they both are double 7 days. These energies may feel similar to last week on July 15 & 16 and your experiences may “pick-up” from what you were working on last week.  Go within as much as possible all week long to integrate and fully embrace all that has occurred within your energy field this month and this summer.  Write, create, walk in nature, sit in nature, journal, work with crystals, and if possible, do whatever connects you within.  Remain open and listen to your inner guidance.   Do deep breath work if you resonate with that powerful practice.  Keep your own council.  So much has occurred for each of us this month and it is important that we are aware of all our newness – that we  acknowledge the changes that we have been blessed with and breathe them into all aspects of our being. Thank you!

Week of July 14 – July 20, 2019  The Numerology Pulse for this week is very powerful as the partial lunar eclipse and the full moon energies add to the already powerful energies of July that draw us deeply within for our greatest self-discovery.  Every day this week offers us gifts, however I have highlighted the days with the most intense energies.

Mon. July 15 is powerful beyond words.  Not only are we in the gateway of the powerful July full moon and the Partial Lunar Eclipse, but today is also a double 7 day.  A double 7 day magnifies the focus of going within 100%.  This accelerated energy invites us to do our best to completely focus and do some very deep inner work.  It will pay off beyond your greatest imagining.  Know that whatever experiences show up today are revealing powerful insights for you. 

Tues. July 16 the energies of the full moon and partial lunar eclipse are still very much present AND we are blessed with another double 7 day.  So today is equally as powerful as yesterday.  This is a rare opportunity to have these energies of full moon, partial eclipse, and double 7 days in the 7th month all line up in this powerful powerful gateway.  We are all encouraged to make the most of this amazing opening.

Wed. July 17.  Today’s energies are supportive of recognizing and embracing our “new identity.”  As you know, we are constantly evolving and today is a powerful energy day to really recognize how we have changed – what is no longer true for us – how we now perceive and embrace our new identity.  It is helpful to consciously let go of anything that no longer serves us and to consciously embrace our newness.  Most everything I say, you already know so let this be a reminder for you.

Thurs. July 18 the sacred number energy shifts for us in that today’s energies support us in stepping into our newness.  Allowing our new selves to feel familiar and paying attention to any of the old that wants to reestablish itself into our energy.  So today’s energies are supporting us in saying “yes” to the new and “no thank you” to the old.  We may notice both – that which we are releasing and that which we are embracing today.

Fri. July 19.  Today’s energies are about truly loving ourselves unconditionally.  Truly, truly loving ourselves unconditionally.  Write a letter of appreciation to yourself.  Sing a love song to yourself. Take yourself to a place in nature that brings you joy.  Do all you can today to support the earth aspect of you who has taken on this courageous journey.

Sat. July 20.  Today’s energies are inviting us to create; to express; to play; to speak; to skip; to sing; to bake; to have friends over for dinner or go out with friends for dinner; to connect; and to hold the joy of childlike innocence.  It’s a day to revel in joy!!!

We are still in the midst of the powerful energies that opened up on June 30 and these will continue for some time.  Here is the energy pulse for this week.

Sun. July 7 gives us the inward focusing energy very much like the energies for the entire month of July.  So today, we are getting a double dose of this inward energy inviting us to inner work.  These inward focusing energies assist us to open all our inner doorways and discover more of our inner treasures.  Some excellent ways to do this are: journaling; using our creativity in any way that we resonate with; writing; meditation; going off for an afternoon or a few hours alone to a place that connects us inside; slowing down; listening within; following our heart and where it calls us today, and connecting with nature are all activities to open us up to ourselves.

Mon. July 8’s energies dovetail nicely with Sunday’s energies because today’s energies are all about the new.  Whatever new feelings, ideas, remembrances, and discoveries that have been revealed are now up for review today.  Also there could be a sense of letting go so that we may embrace the new.  Was something revealed to us that we may want to investigate in a deeper way?  Did we get a new image of ourselves or a new way to understand an aspect of who we are that we may now see from a new perspective?  Or perhaps we realize a new identity of who we are or what our gifts are or how to relate to a part of ourselves that we haven’t been able to engage with before and is now feeling more available to us.  What is new in our being that is ready for exploring, integrating, and embracing in a deeper way?  Today’s energies are about noticing and embracing our newness.

Tues. July 9’s energies are supporting us in taking a stand – speaking our truth – expressing that which is within us that needs to be expressed – making empowered choices that we are now ready to put into action – stepping into our empowerment. 

Wed. July 10 we are immersed in Divine Mother’s unconditional love all day long and all night long and in every now moment.  Watch for it – look for it – embrace it – drink it up – expand it – revel in it – honor it. Of course, we are always immersed in Divine Mother’s unconditional love, however today’s energy will bring about experiences where we more easily notice and experience it.

Thurs. July 11 is a master number day and also a day filled with sensitivity and opportunities for self-expression.  Remain vigilant and in Center as we engage with today’s experiences.  We are all birthing our new selves and today’s opportunities show up to take us more deeply into our mastery.

Fri and Sat. – July 12 & 13  are about integrating all that has occurred in the past two weeks.

 Week of June 30 – July 6, 2019 – Sacred Numbers Pulse

As we move from June to July, the energies shift in a powerful way.  July is the 7th month which gives us wonderful support for us to delve more deeply within. 

The energies this first week of July are quite strong because our focus this month shifts from the “outgoing” energies of June, to the inner energies of July.  Almost every day this week will bless us with intense energies as follows:

Sunday, June 30 is a double “3” day so we may find ourselves more sensitive than usual to the energies around us and also very creative and wanting an outlet for the creative expression we may feel.  Allow yourself to go with that pulse.  It is showing each one of us something significant about ourselves.

Monday, July 1 is a powerful and intense master number day of 11.  Whatever experience we each need to advance us on our journey will show up today.  Do your best to fully engage with whatever shows up with the understanding that this is a stepping stone to greater empowerment.

Tuesday, July 2 is another double “3” day so what was going on for each of us on Sunday, will be cycling back for us to understand and work more deeply with.

Wednesday, July 3 is a wonderful opportunity for grounding and integration.

Thursday, July 4 is gifting us with a powerful, unique, and individual view for each one of us – showing us our theme for this month.  As you know, our journeys are all unique and this month will take each of us more deeply into our unique journey.  Today may show up with intensity so that it will get our attention.  It could be anything from the most blissful and opportunistic experience all the way to something quite unsettling.  The point is that it will draw our attention within and show us what we are now ready to understand about ourselves more deeply.

Friday, July 5 is a day to bask in the energy of Divine Mother’s Love.

Saturday, July 6 we have very similar energies as we did on July 4, so we need to do our best to really engage with these energies and journal or ask ourselves deep questions as a way to work with these energies.

Sacred Number Pulse for the week of June 23 – 29, 2019

We are just coming through the powerful Summer Solstice and partial Lunar Eclipse Gateway and these energies/accelerations/Light are still powerfully flowing into our lives from this event.  They continue to create extraordinary openings, accelerations, and shifts in perception.  We may feel Tuesday, Thursday, Fri, and Sat as the most powerful energy days this week.

Tues, June 25, is an excellent day for journaling or introspection.  The energies on Tuesday are completely supporting us to get away from distractions so that we may integrate and embrace all that has occurred during the month of June.

Thursday, June 27, features the 9 energy that supports us in stepping much more fully into the new that we are birthing this year.  9 focuses on completion and new beginnings.  It’s the upward spiral – it supports us in using every moment and every experience as stepping stones to empower; to enlighten; to accelerate; and to expand our consciousness. 

Friday’s energy, June 28, supports us calling forth all the new.  Allow yourself to dream and write down how you see your “new” opening up for you.  How can you see yourself larger and more expanded than you have in the past?  This is a day to allow your visions; your new identity; your courage; your strength, and your determination to transmute any self-doubt and/or fears that are holding you back from owning your greatness.

Sat’s energy is permeated by Divine Mother Energy.  Welcome Her compassionate, supportive, nurturing energy into your life.  Align with this part of yourself today as you feel great gratitude for your journey and the Being that you are.

This entire week also supports us in fully integrating all that has occurred during the powerful months of May and June.  Journaling, creative endeavors, and getting out in nature are all supportive ways of integrating.