Rutilated QuartzThe greatness of this stone is not only its own inherent gifts, but it also amplifies and magnifies any crystal that is within it or near it.  Here are some of the healing properties of Rutilated quartz:

  • It gives us new hope and amplifies our spiritual gifts.
  • It has a mood-lifting and anti-depressive effect.  It dissolves hidden unacknowledged fear, and releases that which keeps us limited.
  • Rutilated quartz helps us develop our visions and is an excellent stone to have on your body when beginning a new project. It assists us to develop and evolve all areas of our life.
  • Rutilated quartz assists us to keep our heart open and to live in strength and love.  It stabilizes all our relationships.
  • It assists us in getting to the root of a core issue and clears our energy field.
  • It connects us with the Angelic Realm and enhances out of body journeying.
  • It treats bronchitis.  It strengthens the walls of the blood vessels.  It stimulates the regenerative power of all cells.
  • Rutilated quartz enhances our intuition and assists us to fully integrate the higher vibrations that are flowing into us during these times.
  • It is an energizing stone that helps get energy moving on all levels.  It can help slowed chakras return to normal spin and balance.
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties, especially in the case of colds, bronchitis, pneumonia and kidney infections.
  • It fortifies the heart and supports our body’s ability to regenerate.  It has an enlivening and freeing effect and eases symptoms of claustrophobia, fear, and oppression.
  • It is a transformative crystal.

Today I wish to highlight Red Jasper, Hematite, and White Onyx on this blog.  When we work with crystals, they are so active and engaging with us.  For example, toward the end of Sept I attended a local “gem show” that was in town.  I spend all afternoon walking around the show.  I was extremely attracted to some fairly large jasper/hematite natural stones that one vendor was selling.  They weigh approximately 13 – 16 pounds each and I purchased three of them.  Also, I purchased two beautiful large white onyx natural stones and they each weighed approximately 15 pounds.  I purchased other crystals also.  When I got home, my right foot and leg was aching and throbbing.  When I looked at my leg, it was all swollen and red and very sore.  My point is that even before I realized I had a varicose vein issue going on, these powerful beings of light engaged with me at the gem show and invited me to work with them.  Both red jasper and hematite restore any circulation and/or vein issues back to complete health.  Also, one of the many gifts of white onyx is that it heals anything going on within us from the waist down.  These crystal beings were “reading me” and telling me they could assist.  Which they did completely.  Quite amazing!!!

Here are some of the beautiful gifts from jasper, hematite, and white onyx.


  • Jasper awakens our courage and perseverance which assists us to engage fully with whatever shows up on our pathway.  It promotes fearlessness.
  • It sustains us and provides protection in all ways.
  • It holds solar energy and energizes us.  It clears, aligns, balances, and activates our solar plexus chakra. 
  • It clears and stabilizes the aura, and it aligns all chakras and strengthens our boundaries. 
  • It sooths our nerves
  • Red Jasper is used to assist us in seeing that every experience, regardless of what it appeared to be at first, every experience has gifted us with great wisdom.
  • Yellow Jasper sustains and supports us during times of stress.
  • Green Jasper is the supreme healer and stimulates self-healing, balance, and harmony.
  • All colors of Jasper are used in the treatment of tissue deterioration of the internal organs, kidneys, spleen, bladder, liver, and stomach.  Jasper is best when there is deterioration, rather than the actual state of malfunction.  It detoxifies the circulatory system, the blood, and the liver.  It strengthens the walls of the blood vessels especially those that have deteriorated.  It stimulates the circulation.  It dissolves blockages in the liver or bile ducts.


  • Hematite strengthens our vitality.
  • It boosts our will power.
  • It is a reflective stone and assists us to “see” what our limited thoughts or belief patterns are so that we may clear and release them.  It shows us what is blocking us from reaching for and manifesting our dreams.
  • It assists us in staying focused on our goals without getting distracted.
  • It transmutes density into a very high vibration.
  • It is detoxifying.
  • It assists our body to integrate the intense high vibrational light into our body without us getting sick.
  • It lessens the heat from fevers, and it assists us in handling the intense “inner fire” that clears out density within our body.
  • It balances all meridians and calms the nervous system.
  • It stimulates the absorption of iron in the body and stimulates the formation of red blood cells, which increases the supply of oxygen to the body.  It assists in alleviating anemia.
  • It relieves leg cramps; heals blood and circulation issues; calms the nerves; aligns the spine; speeds up the healing of broken bones.  It dispels insomnia.  It is an overall general tissue healer.  It alleviates inflammation and infection.

Onyx occurs in black, black and white, red and white, orange-brown, honey and white.  These properties are for all colors:

  • Onyx helps us align with our Higher Self and with Earth Mother. 
  • It assists us in clearing and releasing limited programs and false beliefs.
  • It assists us in seeing a situation clearly so that our choices are in alignment with our truth.
  • It attracts joy and financial abundance.
  • It assists us in opening our doors of receivership to receive from the Universe what we need.
  • It connects us with our inner strength to provide support during challenging situations.
  • It clears and balances our third eye.
  • It heals disorders related to bone marrow, soft tissue structure, the feet, and teeth.
  • It strengthens our eyes; fortifies our nervous system; and strengthens our immune system.

White Onyx: In addition to the above properties, white onyx gifts us with:

  • It assists us in clearing our resistances to change.
  • It assists us in holding our resolve.
  • It strengthens our self-confidence.
  • It aligns us with our Higher Self.
  • It clears blockages or resistances that cause issues with our hips, legs, knees, and feet.  It strengthens our body from hips to feet.  It strengthens and heals our entire skeletal system.
  • It fortifies our immune system and fortifies our nervous system.
  • It is excellent in healing infections, inflammation, and skin issues.

Crystals Update Oct. 16, 2019

I want to feature crystals that assist us with these very accelerated and high vibrations that are pouring into us continually.  They have been strong all summer long and continue with their intensity for the remainder of the year.  The crystals listed below are of great great assistance to us with the integration of all this very high vibrational Light.  They seem to have the ability to communicate with our body in such a way that allows for the integration of all this high vibrational light to occur without overwhelming our body.  These crystals that assist our body to integrate and assimilate these high vibrations are:

  • All Quartz, but they need to be programmed to assist the body not to be overwhelmed by the intensity and the amount of all the Brilliant Golden, Diamond, Platinum, Photonic Light being offered to each one of us now.
  • Charoite
  • Elestial Quartz
  • Calcite
  • Kyanite
  • Labradorite
  • Moldavite
  • Onyx
  • Peridot
  • Rhodochrosite
  • Rhyolite
  • Snow Quartz
  • Serpentine
  • Tourmaline
  • White Aventurine

What also helps greatly is to get out in nature and walk if you are not too dizzy.

We are all experiencing the intense, profound, and brilliant Light accelerations and activations that are being offered energetically to us.  These energies can feel tiring and challenging to our bodies because our body is literally re-building itself in a higher vibration while at the same time, running our current body.  What a task!!!  This week I am featuring crystals that will assist our bodies in the area of physical stamina.  What follows is a partial list of crystals that have iron as part of their elemental make-up. 

Iron promotes the formation of hemoglobin in our red blood cells.  This ensures transportation of oxygen to all parts of the body which promotes physical vitality.  It helps in cases of weakness and exhaustion.  It stimulates the functions of the liver, spleen, intestine and bone marrow.  It fortifies the immune system.  It activates initiative, dynamic action, endurance, willpower, and the gift of enthusiasm.  Iron promotes the warrior side of us.  It also promotes inner calm.  It can clear and release painful and limiting memories and imprints in our energy field.

The following crystals all contain iron and will assist our bodies with physical vitality.  This is a partial list of crystals containing iron.

Agate                                                  Onyx

Amethyst                                           Pyrite

Aquamarine                                      Red Chalcedony

Beryl                                                   Rhodochrosite

Carnelian                                          Rose Quartz

Red Calcite                                       Strawberry Quartz

Chrysocolla                                       Sugilite

Citrine                                                Sunstone

Epidote                                              Tangerine Quartz

Fire Opal                                            Tourmaline

Garnet                                                Nephrite

Golden Healer Quartz



Our Crystal Gifts: Emotional Clearing

Because September has a focus of re-birthing ourselves into our newly evolved identity, I am featuring two powerful crystals this week to assist us in emotional clearing.  So much of birthing our new identity requires a complete and permanent letting go of the old that no longer serves us.  So often we hold onto the old with dense emotional energy. There are two wondrous crystals that enhance one another as they gift us with emotional healing.  They are Ruby in Fuchsite and Chrysocolla.   

Ruby in Fuchsite:

This stone works deeply within the heart chakra to purge and release dense emotional wounds and memories.  It soothes the release process and relieves any nausea associated with deep emotional release.  It heals tears and holes in the heart chakra and then cleanses, purifies and repairs the heart chakra back to its original healthy/whole state.  Ruby in Fuchsite promotes light-heartedness, friendliness, and compassion.

Ruby in Fuchsite assists in reversing issues of servitude and martyrdom.  It teaches us how to be of service without becoming a victim or developing co-dependency.  It enhances our self-worth and releases us from creating or maintaining our identity and self-worth through sacrificial service to others. 

It maintains healthy red and white blood cells, assists in reducing the swelling and pain from carpel tunnel syndrome, and helps with spinal alignment.  It is beneficial in healing issues with muscles, immune system, throat, larynx, arteries, inflammation, eczema, rashes, skin allergies, snoring and sleep disturbances.

It amplifies the energies of other crystals.  It can bring out our inner child so that us can have fun, relax, and be joyful again.


  • Revitalizes and calms the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd chakras and assists in clearing/releasing painful emotions held in these chakras.
  • Opens and activates the heart chakra and assists in releasing wounds held in the heart center.  It gifts us with a renewed strength and balance in living from our heart.  It increases our capacity to love.
  • It opens and activates the throat chakra, assisting us to speak our truth and it also regulates the thyroid gland.
  • It assists us to integrate and balance our energies for wholeness and assists us in attuning to our Earth Mother.
  • It assists us in accessing our inner strength during stressful and/or long enduring situations.  It promotes and enhances physical vitality.
  • It clears and purifies the home and the environment
  • It stimulates the crown chakra and initiates powerful visionary experiences.
  • It helps us to attune to Oneness.
  • It can help to regenerate the pancreas and assists in the regulation of insulin and balances blood sugar.  It strengthens the muscular structure of the legs, arms, back, and abdomen.  One of our bodily changes as we move into Ascension is re-oxygenation of the cellular structure in the lungs which furnishes us with greater lung capacity and allows for increased breathing capabilities.  As our body changes and re-writes itself, our lungs often go through a major overhaul.  Chrysocolla is an enormous support if you are having any issues with your lungs, ribs, or back spasms. It relieves muscle cramps and spasms in any part of the body.
  • It reconnects us to our inner Goddess.
  • Chrysocolla cleans, re-energizes, and aligns all the chakras.
  • Chrysocolla encourages self-awareness and inner balance. It imparts confidence, sensitivity, brings us new projects and creative ideas.

Calcite: CaCO3; 40% Calcium; 12% Carbon; 47% Oxygen; Calcite may be formed by the Igneous, and/or Sedimentary Formations; Calcite is of the Carbonate Class.

Calcite is a marvelous stone that has a variety of colors.  I list here the qualities that ALL Calcite possess.  Secondly, I share the healing properties specific to the various colors.

  • All Calcite crystals are powerful, powerful energy amplifiers AND they are the premier stone for clearing energy.  Calcite clears all chakras and energy fields of blockages and dense energy while activating and balancing all chakras.  A large Calcite sphere can clear an entire home, office, or even neighborhood.  It is an excellent stone to use when you may not be 100% sure what stone to choose.  Calcite will always clear whatever is going on.  It is an all-purpose and powerful assistance on your pathway. 
  • It is an excellent stone to use when creating sacred geometry spaces in your home or yard.  It is a dynamic teaching stone.
  • Because of its ability to amplify, it is an excellent stone to use when doing distance healing.
  • Calcite strengthens our motivation and courage.
  • Calcite is excellent in clearing the mind of limited beliefs and limited programs that we may have embraced.  It is also an excellent stone to use when learning new concepts or beginning new projects.
  • It assists with issues of the kidneys and pancreas.  It will de-calcify the bones and joints and helps the body assimilate calcium so it is a powerful crystal to use when healing arthritis.  It is excellent for any issues we may have with bones and joints.

Specific Chakras assisted by calcite are:

  • Soul Star: White, Clear Calcite, or Black Calcite
  • Crown: Clear, White, Amber, Golden, or Black Calcite
  • Third Eye: Amber, Golden, Blue, and Honey Calcite
  • Throat, Blue and Black Calcite
  • High Heart: Clear, black, green, and pink calcite
  • Heart: Green, Clear, Pink, White, Red, Black, Peach, Pink, and Milky Calcite
  • Solar Plexus: Amber, Golden, Clear, Pale Honey, Black, and Brown Calcite
  • Sacral: Clear, Milky, White, Orange, Pale Honey, Peach, and Black Calcite
  • Root: Red, Orange, Pale Honey, and Black Calcite
  • Earth Star Chakra: Gray, Clear, and Black Calcite

Red Calcite:

  • Increases energy, uplifts emotions, aids willpower, and opens the heart chakra.  It clears and dissolves stagnant energy and blockages.  It resonates to the 1st and 2nd chakras, which it clears, energizes and balances.  It is excellent in clearing fear from chakras, bringing in the understanding of the origin of the particular fear you may be working with. 
  • At a physical level, it heals hip and lower limb problems, loosening up joints, and on a subtle level it removes the blockages that prevent us from stepping forward in our life.
  • Red Calcite is an energizing and detoxifying stone. It clears the circulatory system.
  • Red Calcite reduces stress and hypertension, clears imbalances which bring on fatigue and exhaustion and helps activate inner reserves of energy. It helps rejuvenate and revitalize the entire physical body.
  • Red Calcite can be used to assist in all physical healing because of its relationship with the root chakra, which holds our beliefs about our physicality.  Red Calcite is beneficial for the reproductive organs, gonads, ovaries, hips, legs, feet, stiff muscles and joints.   It alleviates constipation.

Orange Calcite:

  • Orange Calcite is a highly energizing and cleansing stone, especially for the lower chakras.  Orange Calcite balances the emotions, removes fear, and overcomes depression.  It assists us to see our potential and to recognize the lies we have believed so that we may clear and release them.  It assists us to step into our Truth.
  • Orange calcite works well with mental limitations, removing fear, depression, self-doubt, guilt, blame, and judgments.
  • It also enhances our intuition and telepathy.
  • It clears, balances, and activates our 2nd chakra and all 2nd chakra issues, such as our will power, relationships, abundance, creativity, sexuality, self-trust, empowered action in our life, and faith in Life.  It returns us to our natural state of joy, optimism, openness, and enthusiasm.

Black Calcite:

  • Black Calcite is an excellent stone to meditate with because of its high vibration.  It is a powerful stone for creating an energetic barrier around our auric field in times where the outside environment is not in alignment with who we are.   The more we raise in our vibration, we will no longer attract anything from our environment because we will be in a continual state of emitting a high vibration.  Black calcite resonates with all chakras and it has a strong energy to ground us and to cleanse us of all separate energy. 
  • It connects us strongly to Earth Mother and grounds us to the earth star chakra.  It is an excellent stone to assist in journaling, in channeling, and it assists us in connecting deeply within our heart and amplifying our heart chakra.  It also clears and actives our third eye chakra and our crown chakra stimulating clairaudience and clairvoyance and connects us with our angels and guides.   Black Calcite has a very high vibration.
  • It brings deep and restful sleep.

White Calcite

  • White calcite amplifies and cleanses and amplifies the energy in our environment.  It completely clears a home. 
  • It restores motivation and accelerates growth and development. 
  • White Calcite raises consciousness and links us to higher spiritual states and awakens our natural psychic abilities.  It cleanses the auric field and chakras and is the stone for new beginnings.
  • It detoxifies the entire body, dissolves pain and lowers blood pressure. 

Honey Calcite:

  • Enhances our psychic abilities and assists in integrating all the photonic light, plasma light, magnetics, sacred geometry and all accelerations from the Universe.  It assists us with new beginnings while at the same time assisting us of what we need to release from our past.

Clear Calcite: can be used for treating all conditions.  It opens and balances all the chakras.

Blue Calcite:

  • Blue Calcite is especially calming and soothing. 
  • It is an excellent aid to communication.  It clears, balances, and activates our throat (5th) chakra.  It fosters enlightened discussions and eases communication between people with opposing views.  It helps us express our views calmly and with tact. 
  • Blue calcite assists us to make empowered choices.  It brings this quality to life through its ability to help us see more clearly what path we are aligned with and will bring us joy.  It is excellent to use with channeling, journaling, or creative writing. 
  • It assists with speaking our truth, and for any issues in the throat, lungs, tonsillitis, thyroid issues, arthritis, problems with joints, and lowers high blood pressure. 

Green Calcite:

  • Green Calcite assists us to remain centered within our heart space.
  • It clears limitations of every kind and assists us to open all inner portals to success, prosperity, abundance, health, and creativity in all areas. 
  • It is a stone of manifestation and enhances intuition.
  • Green Calcite is a powerful healing stone.  It heals and supports the heart, thymus, chest, shoulders, and lungs.  It relieves heartburn, nervous tics, stammering, neurosis, arthritis, joint pain, kidney issues, bladder issues, and pain in any area of the body.  It is especially beneficial for healing tumors and other malignancies.  It is helpful with infections of the lungs, throat, and sinuses.  It is used to balance and heal the endocrine system. 

Pink Calcite:

  • Pink Mangano Calcite is a calming stone that eases and heals the heart chakra. It heals all inner child hurts, abuses, wounds and opens our heart to receive Unconditional Love.  It helps us to remember hope, trust, and faith, and to align with the best in all things.  It opens us to the support of the Universe.
  • Pink Mangano Calcite is excellent as a stone to use in meditation.
  • It assists us in removing fears of all kinds and reduces nightmares.
  • It is beneficial for healing of bones, joints, kidney, uterus, and physical heart issues.
  • Pink Calcite, is a stone of peace and well-being. It opens and enhances the flow of energy from the Crown Chakra down into the Heart Chakra.
  • Pink Calcite attracts new opportunities and assists us to know the profound and innumerable gifts from the Universe to each one of us.

Gray Calcite:

  • Gray Calcite opens us to peace and calm.  It can help us remain detached from the chaos and or stress in the day to day world.  It assists us to unify opposite polarities.

Brown Calcite: 

  • Brown calcite is an excellent stone when doing a life review and SEEING the wisdom from our “perceived mistakes.”  It assists us in the deep release of limiting programs/beliefs especially the pattern of self-sabotage.

I have listed below the significant minerals in Calcite that enhance this powerful crystal with amazing gifts.  In addition, I have listed the formation type of this crystal and its class because these also play a part in the healing gifts of Calcite.

Calcium 40%: Calcium encourages the metabolism of the cells, absorption of nutrients by the cell membranes, and the energy use in the cells.  It is necessary for the formation of DNA and RNA.  It supports growth, firmness and flexibility of bones, teeth and tissue.  It is important for the regulation of the acid/alkali balance and encourages the elimination of fluid.  It supports blood clotting and is important in transmitting messages from the nerves to organs or muscles.  It regulates the heart rhythm and strengthens the heart.  It is emotionally stabilizing and increases self-confidence and helps eliminate fear.  It gives inner drive in cases of lethargy and clears up confusion.  It regulates the development of the personality.

Oxygen 47%:  Oxygen is the element that feeds combustion processes – it gives our body Life.  During this process, energy-rich unstable compounds (fear, worry, self-doubt) are converted into stable (harmony) compounds.  Wherever we need to invest energy constantly (worry and fear and stress), oxygen (through our direction) will become active to transform this state into a stable one.  The energy bound up in this (fear, worry, stress, victim consciousness etc.) is not available for use in our life.  Using the gift of Oxygen, this energy is released and transformed so it now can be used.  Hence Oxygen advances all unfinished things in our lives that would otherwise be constantly draining away energy.

Carbon 12%: Carbon purifies, protects, normalizes, induces recovery and promotes growth in living organisms.   It absorbs and eliminates anything that is a health hazard to human life, and it has active metaphysical properties with strong healing powers.  Carbon can alleviate a wide variety of physical complaints such as heart difficulty, allergies, skin diseases, arthritis, and hair and skin rejuvenation.  It contains powerful anti-oxidants.

Igneous:  Igneous stones were formed through the crystallization of liquid magma.  These stones assist us in new beginnings and encourage the learning processes and the development of spiritual values.  These stones assist us when we are confronted with many new ideas or where we are faced with a host of learning experiences.  They will discourage the growth of any issues that will typically arise in new situations.  They encourage learning and development; they ignite new beginnings; they assist in developing our potential; and since they were created in the deep inner fire of the earth, they awaken the inner/fire or empowered choices of those who use this stone.

Sedimentary: Sedimentary minerals help us relate to our external environment.  Sedimentary minerals assist us in seeing the limiting beliefs and patterns that we embraced from our environment such as childhood, friends, teachers, culture, family members, spouses, generation, etc. that no longer serve us or that keep us in limitations and then these stones assist us to dissolve what is no longer appropriate for us AND assist us in creating something new.  Sedimentary stones help us to be aware of our external environment and protect us from it if that is our intention.  They assist us in seeing our painful beliefs and experiences, and assist us to dissolve them, AND then to create a new perspective or belief that is in alignment with who we are and where we are going.  They relieve stress and tension and restore harmony and heal all diseases that result from conflicts with our environment (people, beliefs, false ideas etc.). 

Carbonates: Stimulate new developments OR can stabilize developmental processes that have gone out of balance.  They represent a permanent change.

Epidote: Epidote is a powerful and magnificent crystal to work with.  It is a stone of transformation and regeneration – again, and again, and again.  By holding the intention of allowance and openness as we work with this stone, the more the regenerative and expanding nature of this beautiful green crystal is able to assist us on our unlimited journey of expansion.  It especially assists us in re-defining our self-image while assisting us to release any old limited identity in order for us to embrace a more original and accurate self-image based on our True Identity.  This stone works with us step by step without overwhelming us.  We will “see” where and how we have adopted an image based on cultural or egoistic pressures and once we “see” that limited self-image, this stone assists us to release and embrace a new self-image that is closer to our true image as “daughter or son of the Most High.”  The more we work with this stone, the more we go through a metamorphosis again and again, with each new identity bringing us closer into Oneness with our True Self.  It is one of the best stones to work with when we are doing deep inner work because it allows us to “see” what is in our way without inner judgment and also shows us the “faulty belief system” that we embraced that holds these blocks to our success in place.  In this way we can easily release and clear them.

This crystal shows us our emotional state/beliefs that close the doors of receivership from the Ever Abundant and Unlimited Nurturing Universe so that we may clear and release/transform those limited emotional beliefs into Brilliant Golden/Platinum Crystalline Light.  This stone regenerates our spiritual, mental, and emotional energy bodies as well as our physical body into total health.  It is especially effective when we have been in a stressful, overworked, and emotionally taxing situation.   It releases dissonant energy while raising our vibration.

Epidote stimulates our immune system and strengthens our physical condition.  It is especially effective in clearing congestion and energy blockages.  It also activates, amplifies and increases the effectiveness of other crystals that you are also working with or have positioned next to epidote.

I have listed below the significant minerals in Epidote that enhance this powerful crystal with amazing gifts.  In addition, I have listed the formation type of this crystal and its class because these also play a part in the healing gifts of Epidote.

Iron  24%: Iron promotes the absorption of iron into red blood cells.  This ensures transportation of oxygen to all parts of the body giving good energy and physical vitality.  It helps in cases of weakness, tiredness and exhaustion.  It stimulates the functions of the liver, spleen, intestine and bone marrow.  It fortifies the immune system.  It activates initiative, dynamism, endurance, willpower, the ability to assert ourselves and the ability to be enthusiastic about something.  Iron promotes the warrior side of us.  It also promotes inner calm.  It transforms the density of false beliefs, which have caused us pain and suffering, into Brilliant Golden Light. It deepens our experiences in meditation. 

Calcium 15%: Stimulates cell absorption of nutrients by the cell membranes.  Calcium is necessary for the formation of DNA and RNA.  Calcium supports growth, firmness and flexibility of bones, teeth and tissue.  It is important for the regulation of the acid/alkali balance and encourages the elimination of fluid.  It supports blood clotting and is important in transmitting messages from the nerves to organs or muscles.  It regulates the heart rhythm and strengthens the heart.  It is emotionally stabilizing and increases self-confidence and helps eliminate fear.  It gives inner drive in cases of lethargy and clears up confusion. 

Silicon 16%: Silicon fortifies the skin, hair and nails and toughens up the connective tissues and bones.  It is programmable.  It fortifies the immune system activating the lymph nodes, the spleen, and the lungs.  Silicon has a stimulating effect on cell metabolism and cell division; it promotes the healing of wounds or injuries; it prevents scar formation and slows down aging.  It improves the elasticity of the blood vessels and has an anti-inflammatory effect.  (I am experimenting with the ability of Silicon to soften and make scars flexible once again, but have not confirmed this yet.) 

Oxygen 40%:  Oxygen is the element that gives our body Life.  When we work with crystals rich in oxygen, energy-rich unstable compounds (fear, worry, and  self-doubt etc.) are converted into stable (harmony) compounds through the power of oxygen.  Wherever we need to invest energy constantly (worry, fear and stress), oxygen (through our direction) will become active to transform this unstable state into a stable one.  The energy bound up in fear, worry, and stress becomes unlocked by oxygen and available for use by our body.  Oxygen advances all unfinished things in our lives that would otherwise be constantly draining away energy. 

Igneous Formation:  Igneous stones were formed through the crystallization of liquid magma.  These stones assist us in new beginnings and encourage the learning processes and the development of spiritual values.  These stones assist us when we are confronted with many new ideas or when we are faced with a host of learning experiences.  They encourage learning and development; they ignite new beginnings; they assist in developing our potential; and since they were created in the deep inner fire of the earth, they awaken the inner/fire or empowered choices of those who use this stone.

Sorosilicate Class: Sorosilicates encourage the healing process after an illness and help us find our way back to our original wishes, goals, and intentions that inspire us.  These stones are excellent when embarking on a new beginning.  They stimulate the energy flow inside us and increase the speed of the healing process.  The molecules of this crystal are bound together in pairs of two to four connected tetrahedrons.

Here are some key points to keep in mind when working/playing with Crystals and also some good information about working with Clear Quartz Crystals.

  • When crystals are compressed or squeezed or struck (as in crystal bowls), energy, light, and vibration is produced and radiates outward to the body, room, and or environment.
  • All crystals are influenced by temperature – when the crystal is heated by the sun or by the human body or heated in any way, the crystal is in an emitting state – it radiates OUT its healing properties.  The best way to warm them, is in direct sunlight (be careful, they can become quite hot from the sun).  Also if that is not convenient soaking them in hot water is also an excellent and quick way of getting them in the emitting mode.  (When the water cools, your plants and shrubs will enjoy this crystal water but do not drink it.)  If I, or a client, is having deep issues, I will lay the crystals out on my bed or massage table (after I have programmed them) and make a clear spot for me so that the crystals are all around me or client, and then meditate or nap as I am wrapped in the powerful healing energy of these blessed gifts.    When crystals are at room temperature or in a cool state, all crystals absorb constantly from the environment around it.  So a crystal may go from receiving energy (from the environment, and your energy field) to emitting energy (from within its profound inner Light/gifts) depending on the temperature.  Also crystals will NEVER emit any separate energy that it may have absorbed.  Any separate energy remains “locked” within the crystal in an inert state until the crystal is cleared.  Crystals will never emit anything but the purest of Light in Oneness.
  • All crystals are programmable – not only quartz, but all crystals are programmable.  If they are not programmed specifically by you they will emit their natural gifts.
  • When programming a crystal, stay within the very wide range of their natural properties.  For example, some crystals specialize in manifestation; some work with bones and joints; some work with the heart chakra and blood; some work with astral travel and magnifying our telepathic gifts; some are amplifiers of energy, etc. etc.  So choose a crystal that has the specialty that you are looking for in order to heal or enhance your life and then you may program it specifically. 
  • Quartz crystals (SixOx) are extremely programmable due to the high percentage of Silicon within them (our electronics all have Silicon (Si) chips that have been programmed).  All quartz are amplifiers of energy and all quartz have the ability to transform energy so all quartz are very powerful healing tools.  They balance and clear energy from the body and energy fields and they assist in imprinting a higher vibration within. A quartz crystal under our direction will clear the area it is directed to and then activate the energy centers in the body to stimulate healing by restoring the body back to its pure state of health.  All quartz will stimulate the immune system and assist to bring the body back into balance.  All quartz crystals absorb, amplify, store, regulate, unblock, transform, and clear energy.  Crystals other than quartz may also exhibit these gifts, but ALL Quartz crystals exhibit the above qualities.  I have put “Q” as the first tab in this book so that you have access to all the Quartz information first.  After the Quartz, I have put all the other crystals in alphabetically order.
  • I have found over the years that the very best way to clear crystals is through your direction and/or putting them outside in the sun and/or moon light.   After using them, my typical way of clearing them is to put them outside, if weather permits, or on a window sill and I Thank them for their profound gifts they have just blessed me with, then I direct them to hand off to Archangel Michael any and all separate entities or separate energies they have absorbed and ask AA Michael to either transmute the separate energy into Light or return to Source all the separate energy.  (He knows what to do with this energy.)  Then I direct the crystals to restore themselves back to their full enlightened state.  If we are in a powerful full moon/new moon/eclipse/solstice/equinox timing, then I also put them out during these times to receive ALL the powerful energies of those gateways/portals.
  • When choosing a crystal to work with, remain open and listen to the ones that “call” to you.  ALL crystals are profound gifts of Light.  They all are a gift from our Creator to assist us during this powerful time of transition and transformation and ascension.  They can “read” us as we approach and the ones that we are attracted to, even if we know nothing about their gifts, those are the ones that will assist us immediately to move forward on our pathway and evolution.
  • Crystal Water: I will often set a glass of water on the flat surface of a 6 sided pencil wand or beside a large crystal for 6 – 8 hours.  I program the crystal to transfer its healing properties into the water and I thank the water and ask it to embrace the crystal gifts and then drink the water.  I never put any crystals directly in my drinking water because I do not know how the crystal was mined or polished.   I realize there are many who actually place their crystals directly in their drinking water, but that is not my practice.  It is just as effective to place the glass on the crystal or beside it and to program the crystal to transfer its healing properties into the water.
  • As we evolve and shift into higher and higher levels of Vibration/Love/Light, we will notice that we have greater access to an even higher level of gifts within our beloved crystal beings also.  The more we expand, the more everything in our life expands, so know that these descriptions that I post here are not finite or static but evolving as we each evolve.  We now live beyond 3D/4D consciousness and as we know, nothing in the higher dimensions is static – these descriptions I have listed in the following pages ARE NOT SET IN STONE.  Everything now is constantly and continually evolving, so use these pages as a starting point of working with these amazing Beings of Light.  Make your own notes because as you work with them, they will impart very personal information to you.   Allow these descriptions to stretch and evolve for you individually as you work with these Crystal Beings.  Don’t allow limitations in language to restrict your understandings of how these vast Beings may assist us.  My wish is for you to engage with them, honor them, enJOY them, evolve with them, and appreciate them.

Here are some key points of Clear Quartz Crystals:

Clear Quartz: The word Quartz comes from the German word “Quarz” which means “uncertain origin.”  All crystals have been gifted to us from our Creator/Source and they each hold Divine Light and profound gifts of healing to assist us in realizing absolute health and our Oneness with Source.  Each crystal is unique in its gifts.

The major properties of clear quartz crystals are:

  • Programmable by conscious thought and loving direction.
  • Stimulates healing and stimulates our immune system.
  • Restores harmony and balance in our body by purifying the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies.
  • Clears and activates and aligns all our energy centers, chakras, and attunes our body to the heart chakra, 6th chakra, and crown chakra.
  • Amplifies thoughts and energy and assists us to perceive with clarity.
  • Absorbs, stores, holds, releases, amplifies and regulates energy.
  • Deep soul cleanser – dissolves karmic seeds (residue of past-life trauma, attitudes, or illnesses in physical body).
  • It can be used to transform thoughts into sound, producing the vibration associated with the thought and affecting the environment with the discharged energy.  (I always use quartz when I am clearing an old pattern or imprinting a new truth as I speak the words aloud.)
  • Strengthens our conviction and encourages development that is appropriate to our own inner nature.
  • Assists us in clearing the blocks (false limited beliefs) that we had believed.
  • Revitalizes parts of the body that have lost feeling.  It balances the working of both halves of the brain, fortifies the nerves and stimulates glandular activity.
  • All quartz emit, radiate, amplify, focus, and transform energy from the tips and all edges. Quartz energizes both body energy and thoughts.  They can assist in the creation of empowerment and provide for clarity in thinking.  They provide for purification of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  Quartz spheres emit from the entire sphere, but in a softer and more gradual way then quartz with edges, faces, etc.  Spheres are excellent when working with children or pets.

Using Crystals to “clear our stuff”

As you may know, Crystals are programmable due to their high percent of Silicon within them.  It is similar to how silicon chips are programmed that run our electronics, however we program our crystals with our heart intention instead of a software program.  Most quartz crystals are made up of 46% Silicon and 53% Oxygen.    Due to the programmable nature of crystals, we may program any crystal to be used as a clearing stone.   However, there are some crystals that naturally assist us in clearing and releasing discordant and dense energy because it is an aspect of their elemental make-up.  Also remember that crystals are influenced by temperature.  When heated, they are in an emitting state and they are continually emitting all their gifts and are in alignment with how they are programmed.  When cold or cool, they are in an absorbing state, absorbing dense energy from the environment and are in alignment with how they are programmed.  Once a crystal absorbs dense energy, it holds it until we clear the crystal, through sun and/or running water.  A crystal will NEVER release to you ANY dense energy it may have absorbed so never be worried about holding crystals.  They only emit Light and the powerful healing gifts that are part of their elemental make-up.

There are countless ways to use crystals in our inner work.  I will mention a few powerful ways to use crystals specifically to clear and release physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual symptoms you wish to clear. 

  • Contemplate what you want to clear and release.
  • Stand in front of all your crystals while holding in your heart what type of healing you are calling forth and choose the crystal(s) that seem to jump out at you
  • Using the sun (best method) or warm water, heat the chosen crystal(s) but not so hot that you will burn yourself.
  • Hold the crystal(s) or place on your body or put in a container with warm water or bath. 
  • Center within yourself and merge with your Higher Self/Inner Being.  Program the crystal with your love and intention to, for example clear all energies of …..
  • Just sit or lie with the crystal on your body or meditate with it in your lap or put your feet in the container of warm water with your crystals in the water or get into the bath with your warmed crystals. 
  • Listening to your inner guidance, you will know how long to work with the crystal(s).
  • When finished, wash your crystals and place in the sun to clear.  If the sun is not out, you may use sound such a crystal singing bowl, a tuning fork, and your intention and direct the crystal to clear itself of any dense/separate/dissonant energy and restore itself back to its pure enlightened state.
  • Give deep appreciation and thanks to yourself, All Beings of Light assisting you, the crystals, and Divine Golden Crystalline Light.

Here is a partial list of crystals whose innate elemental make-up include powerful clearing and releasing gifts.  These clearing gifts are best accessed by warming your crystal in the sun or warm water (be careful not to burn yourself).

Aquamarine Malachite
Beryl Moonstone
Chalcedony Onyx
Charoite Peridot
Chrysocolla Quartz
Fluorite Rhodochrosite
Fuchsite Ruby in Fuchsite
Green Opal Selenite
Iolite Sugilite
Kyanite Selenite  
Laimar Sugilite  
Lapis Lazuli Selenite  
Lepidolite Sugilite  

Crystal Blog  – Red Crystal Family

Our Crystals offer us profound assistance on our pathway.  They are natures natural Light Bringers and they can speed up our transformational journey.  I will be posting a crystal blog (most likely weekly) highlighting different crystals with each post.  I will focus on a specific crystal or a group of similar crystals or a way to work with crystals that you may find helpful.  These Light Beings are vast and what I am sharing here lists only a portion of their many qualities.   (Crystal healing is an alternative healing approach and is not meant to be used in lieu of standard, licensed, medical, dental or psychiatric care.)

The Red Family of Crystals are being highlighted this week because they align so beautifully with the energies of July which has the focus of going within.  The Red crystals are varied and powerful but one aspect they ALL have in common is that they all assist us to work within our heart center.  All the crystals below assist us to call forth and open up to our courage, our love, our compassion, and our inner strength and these are the qualities we need this month as we go within and do our inner work.  There are so many red crystals, but the ones I am referencing this week are: Strawberry Quartz; Garnet; Ruby; Rhodochrosite; Rhodonite; Red Jasper; Red Tourmaline; Red Petrified Wood; and Fire Opal.  All these crystals assist us to work deeply within our heart chakra.  In addition, I have listed some of their many qualities below.

Strawberry Quartz:

  • Opens and stimulates the heart chakra
  • Balances our connection between the heart and all our energy bodies
  • Opens us to our inner bliss
  • Shows us our deep motivations behind our words/actions
  • Energizes our enthusiasm
  • It is an action and dynamic crystal so it inspires us to take empowered action
  • Relieves exhaustion

Fire Opal:

  • Vibrates to the 12th galactic ray
  • Activates Christed Consciousness
  • An excellent stone to use when calling forth the new into our lives
  • It assists us in integrating the new into our lives
  • Dissolves self-doubt and inspires enthusiasm
  • Transforms patterns of lack and attracts abundance


  • Assists us in staying true to our unique path
  • Heals abandonment issues
  • Balances the movement of kundalini
  • Repairs damage to DNA, RNA with our direction
  • Heals disorders of the spine, bones, heart, lungs, and blood.
  • A stone of regeneration
  • Assists us with Ascension symptoms

Red Jasper

  • Awakens our courage
  • Strengthens our sense of empowerment
  • Aligns us with the energies of the sun – solar energy so it activates our solar plexus chakra as well as our heart chakra
  • Clears our aura and strengthens our boundaries
  • Transforms powerlessness into empowerment
  • Detoxifies the circulatory system, blood, and liver


  • Emits the vibration of love, 528 Hz
  • Works with both the heart and the root chakra
  • Assists us in unifying opposites
  • Balances our relationships with each other, our earth, and the universe
  • Aligns the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, chakras to the heart chakra
  • Assists us to vibrate to New Earth


  • Heals all heart wounds – it is the most powerful heart healing stone
  • Clears and activates the pineal/pituitary gland complex
  • Assists us to FEEL unconditional love
  • Eliminates toxins in our tissues
  • Heals without scaring
  • Has large amounts of manganese (38%) which is a natural pain reliever

Red Tourmaline

  • Opens us to receive unconditional love
  • Assists us in self-understanding and self-discovery
  • Clears, purifies, and transforms dense energy into higher vibrations
  • Grounds and integrates photonic light into our being
  • Brings in greater vitality to our physical body
  • Strengthens the physical heart and all the blood vessels
  • Heals phlebitis


  • Stone of transformation
  • Inspires us to walk our True path – our path of action – our path of creativity – our path of self-awareness – our path of self-expression
  • Creates stability in wealth and abundance
  • Assists us in understanding the power of our feelings and thoughts as they relate to our experience
  • Aligns all our chakras with our sacred heart chakra
  • Facilitates channeling
  • Assists us to open to the full spectrum of light and anchor it in our lives

Red Petrified Wood

  • Provides strength, integration, and grounding in all areas of our lives
  • Stimulates and heals atrophied areas of the body
  • Assists us in clearing old 3D/4D programs and beliefs
  • Stone of transformation
  • Dispels fear
  • Dissolves anything that does not further our evolution into the higher dimensions
  • Stimulates our inner fire