Guidance from Sananda/Jeshua on March 25, 2020: 

Beloved, the confusion you feel is not yours, it is the fear from the collective.  It does not help humanity if you allow yourself to feel this fear and confusion.  You have compassion in your heart and are not required to take this on beloved.  Do your best to hold the space of Light and Love.  Beloved, we are teaching you discrimination on a deeper level.  It is now required that you really pay attention to everything you allow your consciousness to focus on.  Diligence is required in monitoring your thoughts and transmuting any lower vibrational thoughts/feelings into the highest vibration possible as you move through your days.  Of course as you receive all the accelerated Light being showered on all of humanity now, limitations will be felt as this Golden/Platinum/Diamond/Crystalline Light clears them from your energy field and your body, and due to this, you will feel them for a short time.  When this occurs, hold them in the space of transmuting them into Light.  Do not allow them to grow or expand into your consciousness.  You have never been in such a time where it is so vital to be completely aware of whatever type of energy/thoughts/feelings you are allowing in your field.  You know how it feels to drop down in vibration and we guide you to do your best not to allow this drop in vibration.  Do not feed it in any way.  Do not give credence to anything but love and empowerment.  You are not “avoiding life,” you are directing your life.  Know that you are loved beyond measure – know that life is evolving into a reality of heaven on earth – remember that what you think matters – remember that what you feel matters – remember you are cherished and loved beyond measure no matter what it looks like.  This knowingness must be the “norm” inside of you – you must live in, walk in, and embrace the truth that you are in the heart of Source in every now moment – you must know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are Divine in every now moment and you are a Being of beauty, grace, and love and worthy of unstoppable success and that is what our Divine Father/Divine Mother/All That IS Source is sending us in every now moment.  Great Blessings are being sent to all of humanity.