Monthly Numerology – October 2019

This month has been over the top energy-wise/Light-wise.  This intensity of Light is going to continue for the remainder of this year.  We had a huge stargate open on Oct. 4 and this will remain open – no more open for a while and then close – it is remaining open.  The number 10, which of course is the number for October, is a powerful and dynamic energy.  It has all the qualities of the gifts of leadership and mastery that we experienced in January, however, they are amplified 100% from what they were in January.  It’s as if all the “new ideas, visions, new beginnings, new projects, new….new…new” that we envisioned in January are now “chomping at the bit” to manifest.   With the beginning of this month, we have all, in some way or another, had a feeling of an internal pressure to manifest our visions, if even in the slightest way.  I personally have had this quite strong in my life these past few months.   Please understand these manifestations may or may not be external in nature.  There are so many dynamic inner changes that we create that are powerful manifestations of a new way of being, and a new way of perceiving.  So know that I am speaking about inner manifestations as well as outer manifestations (since they both are one anyway of course).  Anything that has been nagging within you to be completed or even nagging to begin, are expressions of this powerful 10 October energy.  In addition, we are in a 3 (creative) year so this adds greatly to our wanting to “get on with it and move, shift, and create” what has been gestating within us for some time.

In addition, this October, since it falls within a 3 (self-expression) year, demands that we shine our light – that we allow our full self-expression.  The 3 year requires it, and the 10 energy requires it.  So these two together create an inner push to fully be our unique and powerful self.  This month and this year both say “no more hiding our gifts!”

Of course what is also required in order to allow our full self-expression is no judgment on how we express, and no judgment about what we express, and no self-doubt.  These are the greatest obstacles to our self-expression and our willingness to shine our light and hold our gifts for all to see.  As we no longer judge or hold back our truth, we activate our self-mastery.  (There are numerous ways to activate our mastery and this is one way.)

We are preparing for the magical year of 2020.  Our New Golden Age – our heaven on earth life for all.  We must be ready to step into the dynamic magical year of 2020. The remainder of this year is getting every one of us prepared for 2020.  We are in for a powerful, dynamic, exquisite, enlivening fall season, and October is ushering us into it.

Crystals Update Oct. 16, 2019

I want to feature crystals that assist us with these very accelerated and high vibrations that are pouring into us continually.  They have been strong all summer long and continue with their intensity for the remainder of the year.  The crystals listed below are of great great assistance to us with the integration of all this very high vibrational Light.  They seem to have the ability to communicate with our body in such a way that allows for the integration of all this high vibrational light to occur without overwhelming our body.  These crystals that assist our body to integrate and assimilate these high vibrations are:

  • All Quartz, but they need to be programmed to assist the body not to be overwhelmed by the intensity and the amount of all the Brilliant Golden, Diamond, Platinum, Photonic Light being offered to each one of us now.
  • Charoite
  • Elestial Quartz
  • Calcite
  • Kyanite
  • Labradorite
  • Moldavite
  • Onyx
  • Peridot
  • Rhodochrosite
  • Rhyolite
  • Snow Quartz
  • Serpentine
  • Tourmaline
  • White Aventurine

What also helps greatly is to get out in nature and walk if you are not too dizzy.