We are all experiencing the intense, profound, and brilliant Light accelerations and activations that are being offered energetically to us.  These energies can feel tiring and challenging to our bodies because our body is literally re-building itself in a higher vibration while at the same time, running our current body.  What a task!!!  This week I am featuring crystals that will assist our bodies in the area of physical stamina.  What follows is a partial list of crystals that have iron as part of their elemental make-up. 

Iron promotes the formation of hemoglobin in our red blood cells.  This ensures transportation of oxygen to all parts of the body which promotes physical vitality.  It helps in cases of weakness and exhaustion.  It stimulates the functions of the liver, spleen, intestine and bone marrow.  It fortifies the immune system.  It activates initiative, dynamic action, endurance, willpower, and the gift of enthusiasm.  Iron promotes the warrior side of us.  It also promotes inner calm.  It can clear and release painful and limiting memories and imprints in our energy field.

The following crystals all contain iron and will assist our bodies with physical vitality.  This is a partial list of crystals containing iron.

Agate                                                  Onyx

Amethyst                                           Pyrite

Aquamarine                                      Red Chalcedony

Beryl                                                   Rhodochrosite

Carnelian                                          Rose Quartz

Red Calcite                                       Strawberry Quartz

Chrysocolla                                       Sugilite

Citrine                                                Sunstone

Epidote                                              Tangerine Quartz

Fire Opal                                            Tourmaline

Garnet                                                Nephrite

Golden Healer Quartz



Our Crystal Gifts: Emotional Clearing

Because September has a focus of re-birthing ourselves into our newly evolved identity, I am featuring two powerful crystals this week to assist us in emotional clearing.  So much of birthing our new identity requires a complete and permanent letting go of the old that no longer serves us.  So often we hold onto the old with dense emotional energy. There are two wondrous crystals that enhance one another as they gift us with emotional healing.  They are Ruby in Fuchsite and Chrysocolla.   

Ruby in Fuchsite:

This stone works deeply within the heart chakra to purge and release dense emotional wounds and memories.  It soothes the release process and relieves any nausea associated with deep emotional release.  It heals tears and holes in the heart chakra and then cleanses, purifies and repairs the heart chakra back to its original healthy/whole state.  Ruby in Fuchsite promotes light-heartedness, friendliness, and compassion.

Ruby in Fuchsite assists in reversing issues of servitude and martyrdom.  It teaches us how to be of service without becoming a victim or developing co-dependency.  It enhances our self-worth and releases us from creating or maintaining our identity and self-worth through sacrificial service to others. 

It maintains healthy red and white blood cells, assists in reducing the swelling and pain from carpel tunnel syndrome, and helps with spinal alignment.  It is beneficial in healing issues with muscles, immune system, throat, larynx, arteries, inflammation, eczema, rashes, skin allergies, snoring and sleep disturbances.

It amplifies the energies of other crystals.  It can bring out our inner child so that us can have fun, relax, and be joyful again.


  • Revitalizes and calms the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd chakras and assists in clearing/releasing painful emotions held in these chakras.
  • Opens and activates the heart chakra and assists in releasing wounds held in the heart center.  It gifts us with a renewed strength and balance in living from our heart.  It increases our capacity to love.
  • It opens and activates the throat chakra, assisting us to speak our truth and it also regulates the thyroid gland.
  • It assists us to integrate and balance our energies for wholeness and assists us in attuning to our Earth Mother.
  • It assists us in accessing our inner strength during stressful and/or long enduring situations.  It promotes and enhances physical vitality.
  • It clears and purifies the home and the environment
  • It stimulates the crown chakra and initiates powerful visionary experiences.
  • It helps us to attune to Oneness.
  • It can help to regenerate the pancreas and assists in the regulation of insulin and balances blood sugar.  It strengthens the muscular structure of the legs, arms, back, and abdomen.  One of our bodily changes as we move into Ascension is re-oxygenation of the cellular structure in the lungs which furnishes us with greater lung capacity and allows for increased breathing capabilities.  As our body changes and re-writes itself, our lungs often go through a major overhaul.  Chrysocolla is an enormous support if you are having any issues with your lungs, ribs, or back spasms. It relieves muscle cramps and spasms in any part of the body.
  • It reconnects us to our inner Goddess.
  • Chrysocolla cleans, re-energizes, and aligns all the chakras.
  • Chrysocolla encourages self-awareness and inner balance. It imparts confidence, sensitivity, brings us new projects and creative ideas.