Using Crystals to “clear our stuff”

As you may know, Crystals are programmable due to their high percent of Silicon within them.  It is similar to how silicon chips are programmed that run our electronics, however we program our crystals with our heart intention instead of a software program.  Most quartz crystals are made up of 46% Silicon and 53% Oxygen.    Due to the programmable nature of crystals, we may program any crystal to be used as a clearing stone.   However, there are some crystals that naturally assist us in clearing and releasing discordant and dense energy because it is an aspect of their elemental make-up.  Also remember that crystals are influenced by temperature.  When heated, they are in an emitting state and they are continually emitting all their gifts and are in alignment with how they are programmed.  When cold or cool, they are in an absorbing state, absorbing dense energy from the environment and are in alignment with how they are programmed.  Once a crystal absorbs dense energy, it holds it until we clear the crystal, through sun and/or running water.  A crystal will NEVER release to you ANY dense energy it may have absorbed so never be worried about holding crystals.  They only emit Light and the powerful healing gifts that are part of their elemental make-up.

There are countless ways to use crystals in our inner work.  I will mention a few powerful ways to use crystals specifically to clear and release physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual symptoms you wish to clear. 

  • Contemplate what you want to clear and release.
  • Stand in front of all your crystals while holding in your heart what type of healing you are calling forth and choose the crystal(s) that seem to jump out at you
  • Using the sun (best method) or warm water, heat the chosen crystal(s) but not so hot that you will burn yourself.
  • Hold the crystal(s) or place on your body or put in a container with warm water or bath. 
  • Center within yourself and merge with your Higher Self/Inner Being.  Program the crystal with your love and intention to, for example clear all energies of …..
  • Just sit or lie with the crystal on your body or meditate with it in your lap or put your feet in the container of warm water with your crystals in the water or get into the bath with your warmed crystals. 
  • Listening to your inner guidance, you will know how long to work with the crystal(s).
  • When finished, wash your crystals and place in the sun to clear.  If the sun is not out, you may use sound such a crystal singing bowl, a tuning fork, and your intention and direct the crystal to clear itself of any dense/separate/dissonant energy and restore itself back to its pure enlightened state.
  • Give deep appreciation and thanks to yourself, All Beings of Light assisting you, the crystals, and Divine Golden Crystalline Light.

Here is a partial list of crystals whose innate elemental make-up include powerful clearing and releasing gifts.  These clearing gifts are best accessed by warming your crystal in the sun or warm water (be careful not to burn yourself).

Aquamarine Malachite
Beryl Moonstone
Chalcedony Onyx
Charoite Peridot
Chrysocolla Quartz
Fluorite Rhodochrosite
Fuchsite Ruby in Fuchsite
Green Opal Selenite
Iolite Sugilite
Kyanite Selenite  
Laimar Sugilite  
Lapis Lazuli Selenite  
Lepidolite Sugilite  

Crystal Blog  – Red Crystal Family

Our Crystals offer us profound assistance on our pathway.  They are natures natural Light Bringers and they can speed up our transformational journey.  I will be posting a crystal blog (most likely weekly) highlighting different crystals with each post.  I will focus on a specific crystal or a group of similar crystals or a way to work with crystals that you may find helpful.  These Light Beings are vast and what I am sharing here lists only a portion of their many qualities.   (Crystal healing is an alternative healing approach and is not meant to be used in lieu of standard, licensed, medical, dental or psychiatric care.)

The Red Family of Crystals are being highlighted this week because they align so beautifully with the energies of July which has the focus of going within.  The Red crystals are varied and powerful but one aspect they ALL have in common is that they all assist us to work within our heart center.  All the crystals below assist us to call forth and open up to our courage, our love, our compassion, and our inner strength and these are the qualities we need this month as we go within and do our inner work.  There are so many red crystals, but the ones I am referencing this week are: Strawberry Quartz; Garnet; Ruby; Rhodochrosite; Rhodonite; Red Jasper; Red Tourmaline; Red Petrified Wood; and Fire Opal.  All these crystals assist us to work deeply within our heart chakra.  In addition, I have listed some of their many qualities below.

Strawberry Quartz:

  • Opens and stimulates the heart chakra
  • Balances our connection between the heart and all our energy bodies
  • Opens us to our inner bliss
  • Shows us our deep motivations behind our words/actions
  • Energizes our enthusiasm
  • It is an action and dynamic crystal so it inspires us to take empowered action
  • Relieves exhaustion

Fire Opal:

  • Vibrates to the 12th galactic ray
  • Activates Christed Consciousness
  • An excellent stone to use when calling forth the new into our lives
  • It assists us in integrating the new into our lives
  • Dissolves self-doubt and inspires enthusiasm
  • Transforms patterns of lack and attracts abundance


  • Assists us in staying true to our unique path
  • Heals abandonment issues
  • Balances the movement of kundalini
  • Repairs damage to DNA, RNA with our direction
  • Heals disorders of the spine, bones, heart, lungs, and blood.
  • A stone of regeneration
  • Assists us with Ascension symptoms

Red Jasper

  • Awakens our courage
  • Strengthens our sense of empowerment
  • Aligns us with the energies of the sun – solar energy so it activates our solar plexus chakra as well as our heart chakra
  • Clears our aura and strengthens our boundaries
  • Transforms powerlessness into empowerment
  • Detoxifies the circulatory system, blood, and liver


  • Emits the vibration of love, 528 Hz
  • Works with both the heart and the root chakra
  • Assists us in unifying opposites
  • Balances our relationships with each other, our earth, and the universe
  • Aligns the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, chakras to the heart chakra
  • Assists us to vibrate to New Earth


  • Heals all heart wounds – it is the most powerful heart healing stone
  • Clears and activates the pineal/pituitary gland complex
  • Assists us to FEEL unconditional love
  • Eliminates toxins in our tissues
  • Heals without scaring
  • Has large amounts of manganese (38%) which is a natural pain reliever

Red Tourmaline

  • Opens us to receive unconditional love
  • Assists us in self-understanding and self-discovery
  • Clears, purifies, and transforms dense energy into higher vibrations
  • Grounds and integrates photonic light into our being
  • Brings in greater vitality to our physical body
  • Strengthens the physical heart and all the blood vessels
  • Heals phlebitis


  • Stone of transformation
  • Inspires us to walk our True path – our path of action – our path of creativity – our path of self-awareness – our path of self-expression
  • Creates stability in wealth and abundance
  • Assists us in understanding the power of our feelings and thoughts as they relate to our experience
  • Aligns all our chakras with our sacred heart chakra
  • Facilitates channeling
  • Assists us to open to the full spectrum of light and anchor it in our lives

Red Petrified Wood

  • Provides strength, integration, and grounding in all areas of our lives
  • Stimulates and heals atrophied areas of the body
  • Assists us in clearing old 3D/4D programs and beliefs
  • Stone of transformation
  • Dispels fear
  • Dissolves anything that does not further our evolution into the higher dimensions
  • Stimulates our inner fire